July 29th, 2010

HTC 08

Hot tempo

The glass windows in my office are deceiving. It looks like it's nice and cool outside but in reality, it's like a friggin' oven.


Sometimes, I don't mind long runs. I think and reflect a lot during these runs. I get into the runners' high where my legs don't feel as they are running and it's almost surreal. But today, all that was on my mind was - FRECKLES!!!! It was so hot! I have weird tan lines -_-

Anyhoow. The run was nice albeit painful as it was so hot. I didn't manage to keep to my targeted pace but I met fellow runners along the way. At one lonely stretch, the white dude across the road, like me, wearing my headphones, waved at me and smiled. It was the 'I'm with you in this' look. It's funny how locals aren't inclined to acknowledge other runners with a simple nod or smile or hi. Most of the time, the ones that I have encountered either treat me as competition and try to catchup and out-run me *rolls eyes you are a guy or just glare straight at you.

A few minutes later, this golf buggy with 3 workers inside, kindly pulled up along the side 10-20m in front of me and waited for me to cross the path before proceeding. They even gave me a bright smile and wave as I jogged past them. How nice of them :)

Further on, I met another two white dudes that also waved and said Hi and that was it for the rest of the run. I'm so glad I now bring a small bottle of water because it gets really dehydrating running in this weather.

Just an after thought, my American friends or collegues run races way faster than most that I know her. The average timing for a 10K ran by a girl is 52 minutes. Although the weather is a lot cooler and less humid, it isn't flat. Portland for example is one hilly place so even the races would have a hilly terrain. For us here, we have to deal with the heat and humidity but our race courses are flat.

During the recent Shape run for example, the last part up the Nicoll Highway, that is considered 'flat' in the U.S and it'll be regularly encountered during the race course. During Hood to Coast the year before, the map showed that the course was flat but it turned out to be 'hilly' by Singapore standards. NYC marathon was the same. It's said to be flat but oh no, it's NOT flat. You have x 4 mile inclines and for me, the first part of the race was a slope. So I wonder how it'll even out when an American for example, races in Singapore.

5miles. Mid-tempo pace.

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