July 28th, 2010

2am Dessertbar

Art and Soul

Aside from checking out recommendations by friends and readers, I will also do my own research. One of my favorite sources is the travel NYtimes. A suggested itinerary is provided depending on how many hours you have in a particular city - usually one of the major cities. During our travel to Prague last year, we searched for the Red Star which turned out to be an excellent suggestion.

I had 3 on my list that I intended to visit but didn't manage to do so all except for one. The Art and Soul Restaurant caught my attention because of the reputation of the chef. He used to be a personal chef of Oprah Winfrey, is on the tasting panel of the "Iron Chef America", was also the personal chef for the former Florida Governor, has penned a best-selling cookbook and is the chef and owner of the famous TABLE fifty-two in Chicago.

I arrived at the restaurant with high expectations. I was hoping it wouldn't turn out to be all hype only. Thankfully, it lived up to expectations and we had an enjoyable last dinner in D.C that evening. My favorite dish? The crab cakes!!

The food served is mainly Southern cuisine - I am not familiar with Southern cuisine but it wasn't the usual expected menu offering. We picked out a mixture of starters and entrees and over-ordered actually! We didn't manage to finish all the food not because it wasn't tasty, but because we were simply too stuffed! It was a pity that we didn't have room for dessert!

Art and Soul Restaurant
415 New Jersey Ave NW
Washington D.C 20001
+1 (202) 393 7777

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