July 27th, 2010

At Iggy's with Dad Mudder

Belated July celebrations

Chox bun filled with vanilla ice cream in warm chocolate sauce and sliced almonds/profiteroles

The birthday celebrations for the July babies (Mom and me) came at a much later date. It was hard coordinating everyone's schedule as July was a travel month for my Dad, Sis and myself. My Mom sometimes wryly comments that my Dad and I are seldom not around at the same time as he travels when I'm in town and vice versa :P

I do look forward to my family meet-ups. As we all get older, it does get more challenging to find a common available time. But I think it's also all about making the effort and making small sacrifices. My family will always come first so as far as possible, I'll keep that as a priority and schedule the rest of the things around it. Sometimes, I do wish that B.T's family was living here and not on the other side of the globe.

Each time we celebrate a special occasion, we try to patronize a new place otherwise, we'll fall back on our old favorites. Lynn suggested Au Petit Salut, a French restaurant. Good choice! I'm usually not a big fan of French cuisine - my Dad loves it, but I was not really in the mood for Italian, Japanese or Asian.

If you visit Au Petit Salut during lunch time, the menu is straightforward - set lunch is the only option with choice offerings for the entrees, mains and dessert and depending whether you opt for the Executive Set lunch (SGD$58++) or standard set lunch (SGD$30++).

My favorite dish was the foie gras, red wine braised beef cheeks and the chocolate profiteroles were excellent. The rest were fine but if I were to compare with Metis, I think Metis is better at almost similar price points and I still can't get over how good that pistachio souffle was!! I like St Julien too but it's much more pricier.

Au Petit Salut French Restaurant
40C Harding Road
Singapore 249548
+(65) 6475 1976

Mon-Sat -1130-1430, 1830-2230
Closed on Sun

Dress code - smart casual

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Tuesday randoms

1) I love sunrises and sunsets. I love how beautiful the sky looks in red and orange.

2) Daiso is my current favorite place for Jappie snacks. These were bought for our trip to D.C.

3) I'm a chocoholic. Period. This was 5 for USD$10.

4) I want to get one of these. A tiny one with the waving paw. This one is cute because it comes in my favorite brand of sports shoes :p

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OSIM mini run finishing

Sore and more

My hip flexors, quads and hamstrings are sore. Track work this evening was one word - challenging. I almost gave up on the last 2 sets of 800m when B.T said, You either hurt now, or later - in Chicago. OKay. Gotcha. That got me sprinting off.

I'm aiming to sleep in .. Mmmm well, before 11pm. Afterall, I fell asleep whilst B.T was having a convo with me AND I was rolling my sore muscles. Yes. He caught me sleeping with my legs up in the air, hands on the roller. That's what he says.

3 more days to our weekend holiday. Me likey.

Track work. 15 mins warmup. 2x1200m. 4x800m. 10 mins cool down.

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