July 26th, 2010


Randoms in D.C

I think there were about 109 steps

The day I took the Metro, the escalator broke down. I did hear that it is a regular occurrence in D.C -_- Anyway, after climbing up that loooong escalator, I was rather shocked to see a whole lot of firemen and police and crowds of people waiting. Apparently, the escalator caught fire earlier on. I don't think anyone was hurt. I did pity the poor elderly people that were slowly hobbling up that insane flight of high steps. And those with strollers and babies too.

Beef hotdog - I prefer pork thank you very much

My hurried meal of lunch for one of the days. I forgot to eat lunch. Yes, it happens when I am traveling alone and too caught up in my sightseeing. This was the only thing available at the Lincoln Memorial and I had to rush because the bus was arriving in a couple of minutes.

My trusty companion

I depended so much on this map to get around. After 4 days of heavy usage, it started to tear along the folds. It served me well.

Segway tours

I really wanted to try this out because it's fun touring the city in this way. But like I mentioned earlier, the USD70 price tag for a mere 3 hours held me back. Also, the tour was limited to certain areas so it wasn't able to get me to most of the places that I wanted. I chose practicality over fun. Sometimes, you just need to choose what makes most sense. I figured I could get my fun in other ways on other trips or so :)

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Arlington Cemetery

One of the many sections at Arlington

It seems rather morbid posting pictures of the cemetery here but I guess the Arlington Cemetery/Memorial is one of U.S's tribute to the many who have sacrificed their lives for the country and perhaps, this can be a reminder to all to be grateful to people who are willing to serve the country to protect the people.

It was a rather humbling experience for me visiting the Arlington Memorial and I was glad that I made the effort to visit it. It's situated across the Potomac River from the Lincoln Memorial and near the Pentagon. It's accessible by Metro but in Virginia - outside of D.C. It was a good thing that the Old Trolley tours had the Arlington as a stop and a shuttle bus was provided across the river.

There is something tear-jerking about seeing homecoming photos of American soldiers. I have no idea why. It is the knowledge that most are likely returning from somewhere war-torn where no one knew if they were alive one day or perhaps dead the next. Once at the Seattle airport, I witnessed a very tearful departure that made me cry inside. A uniformed guy was there with his wife and 3 young daughters. It was the last call for boarding but they were still hugging and kissing and he was carrying the youngest girl in his arms. They were all in tears. It is heart-breaking. I felt quite the same when I visited the Arlington cemetery. There were many sectors in the cemetery and one of the saddest was the 'unknown'. I didn't have time to tour all of it and missed out on the changing of guards but to me, it was enough to be able to visit the most honored memorial.

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Training update

Insanity cross training workout after yesterday's double 10k runs .. Hurts! I just tortured my arms too. But it's a good sort of ache that I've not had in awhile and it feels good.

Tomorrow's track work is probably gonna burn..

Oh. I drank almost 2 litres of water today.
Mighty pleased with myself!

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