July 20th, 2010

Nike girl run

It does get tough

I think we over-estimated our stamina and time management skills when we decided to schedule (not all by choice) not two but three trips in a month! I am feeling the fatigue of packing and unpacking for different climates, agendas and dealing with jet-lag and long haul flights. But I guess we are still taking it all in good stride no matter how tired we are because the best time to travel freely is when you are still young with no financial and family obligations.

Aside from the insane travel schedule that is in the pipeline for us two - I don't even want to think of the work travel schedule (8-12 trips in the 12 months), we still have our marathon training. The race day beckons. Just 2.5 months away and I'll be honest. I am starting to panic. I feel that I am not as ready as I will be compared to last year.

We have skipped a number of training runs because we are either traveling or attending a wedding or a family occasion, and I don't even want to talk about yoga because I've not done it for at least a month and oh boy I do miss it. :\

The track interval runs didn't take place. We swapped it out with the tempo run because it started to rain and we decided to wait for it to stop. I just recovered from a travel flu bug and I am glad to say that after blowing out 2 days of yellow phlegm, it has finally cleared. So running in the rain was something that I was hoping to avoid because I really don't want to fall sick all over again.

I am quite glad that I decided to bail out on Hood to Coast this year because squeezing in another trip to the U.S will be a killer. I have done 3 so far this year with another 1 confirmed and 2 more tentative so I hope I don't have to make it 7.

I pushed myself for the tempo run again. I didn't manage to sustain the faster target pace but I am glad that at least, I tried.

Tempo run - 2 miles easy, 3 miles short tempo pace, 1 mile easy.

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