July 14th, 2010


Back to the US of A

I've never seen so many American flags all over the city before

I'm back in the US of A. It feels good.

I took my first trip to the US when I was 11. Then, I visited Europe mainly thereafter. It was only 3 years ago where I made my second trip to the US. Since then, I have been visiting the US between 2-6 times a year. So far, I am not complaining although the long flight there is a killer.

It has been so hot and humid - yes humid, here, that I wished I'd packed in only SHORTS and skinny tops. I am literally perspiring buckets and soaking my clothes. Leggings is not a good idea in this weather.

The Washington D.C, as promised by TS, is a fantastic place. It feels very 'stately' and you will never forget that you are in the US because there is an American flag flying at almost every corner :P Getting around on my own was a bit daunting initially but with proper planning, it wasn't that bad.

I have been so busy walking around the entire day, that sad to say, I have not been able to do any of my training :\ First time on my travel! Though I travel almost monthly for both work and personal, I always manage to squeeze in runs and cross training regimes. This time around, except for the short 4 mile run around our area, I have been so exhausted - to the point that my calves, shins and glutes are aching, that I crash out at 10pm. I supposed this will be a break week for me and I'll get back into the training mode when I'm back.

I'm half hoping that there will not be any travels in August because I still have one more trip end of this month and trips in September and October - so far.

On a side note, we have finally bought all our travel tickets. Phew. Except for the one in December but we have loads of time for that. Uh I think.

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hungry after ride

Seafood warung at Jimbaran Bay

Always packed

Seafood by the beach is like a must-have in Bali. We went for the experience - which was very nice indeed, but food was just alright. The grilled skinny corn on cobs were the best :P

It is funny how our Bali trip didn't turn out to be cheap at all. I guess that was because we decided to splurge on the villa and food. I would love to do a yearly trip to Bali but we will see.

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Travel bug

I love traveling and I believe that I should travel as much as possible since I am still young and with no commitments. My dream is to complete 7 marathons in my lifetime and I intend to incorporate a vacation in each. I did NYC last year, it's Chicago this year and my gf wants to do Europe next year. We'll see.

Meanwhile, for my references and just for fun -

Places I have visited
Kuala Lumpur. Jakarta. Bangkok. Bali. Lombok. Krabi. Koh Samui. Chiang Mai. Phuket. Ho Chin Minh. Manila. Hong Kong. Shanghai. Beijing. Brisbane. Gold Coast. Sydney. Melbourne. London. Manchester. Oxford. Cambridge. Leicester. Paris. Milan. Rome. Athens. Geneva. Vienna. Prague. Amsterdam. Munich. Los Angeles. Las Vegas. San Francisco. Honolulu. Bahamas. Puerto Vallarta. Tijuana. Fort Lauderdale. Nassau. Denver. Seattle. Vancouver. Portland. New York City. Washington D.C. Tokyo. Kyoto. Hakone. Seoul.

Places I want to visit
Florence. Nice. Venice. South Africa. Parts of South America. More of Canada.

Place I have visited but want to visit over and over again
New York City. Tokyo. San Francisco. Hawaii. Hong Kong. Bali.

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Alldressedup top, Tiffany double heart necklace, Uniqlo leggings, Casio gold watch, Vincci gold sandals, F21 bow headband

I love leggings because they give an alternative to jeans. Plus, it makes an outfit look more dressed up - sometimes. They can be less forgiving on the legs though. Sometimes, my calf heavy legs are.. emphasized.

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Flowers after the rain

I have been messing around with my G10 - my favorite is trying to do the bokeh effect. It's not easy using a non-dSLR but so far, I am quite pleased with the results. It's not too bad considering that I am not using a dSLR, which once you have, it's quite easy to achieve beautiful photos.

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