July 13th, 2010

Puerto Vallarta beach

It was a relaxing holiday - Part 1

Messing around

I was given many suggestions on what to do in Bali. I didn't do most of them simply because for us, we enjoy having a relaxing holiday when at a beach resort i.e. lounge around in the villa and do nothing but read, relax and chill.

If you've been following my blog long enough, you might have read about our trip to Lombok a few years back. In fact, that was our first holiday together so it was most memorable :)

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Well-being spa

The walk to the rooms

Our room

A couple of recommendations were thrown to us for a massage in Bali, but the hotel had already made arrangements for us at their recommendation - the Well-being spa which was 5 minutes away from Kiss Bali.

We opted for the 3 hours traditional Balinese massage and treatment. Note that this was actually not listed at the spa but the staff said that he would honor what we saw on the website and gave it to us at USD$55! I was impressed!

I tend to prefer Balinese massage to Thai. I prefer the type that involves more kneading, long but firm massage strokes and pressure point massage. The massage was good and relaxing - firm but not too hard. I am not a fan of the typical spa massages where is very light.. the scrub, soak and facial wasn't exactly our favorite though. I think we just prefer the body massage. Heh. So next time around, I'll just opt for a 2-3 hours body massage minus the frills.

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