July 8th, 2010


Google maps

Part of my DC map agenda

I've taken my travel planning to the next level with Google maps! It's friggin' awesome :P I created my own map and used pins to plonk down on the map of places that I want to visit. Makes planning so much easier. Now I just hope that I don't get lost.

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OSIM mini run finishing

Macleay Park

On one of my runs, we ran through the Macleay Trail which is highly recommended if you are looking for a short but decently technical trail like McRitchie. You will run through lovely lush surroundings - it's a pity I forgot to bring along my iPhone to snap some pictures. It's definitely a scenic route.

Strangely, there aren't many pictures on the short trail but this link does show part of the park that I ran through. We met quite a few runners that were zipping through it quickly - we were using standard runners and cautious of our footing on unfamiliar ground. It is also a popular place for people to walk their dogs and take a stroll with their babies and toddlers in strollers.

We also ran to the International Rose Garden which is famous in Portland. During summer, the roses will be in full bloom and it's breathtaking. It is a perfect place to swing by with a picnic basket and a book with your partner. I really wished we had time to do a picnic but there are always so many things to do on each trip, even if I have visited it a number of times.

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Polenta fries

For our team dinner, instead of the predictable Ringside place, we decided to try something different. Aquariva, which specializes in Italian food, was strongly recommended.

I would classify it - almost posh dining. This restaurant sits beside a river so it's a nice romantic place to dine at. Before the appetizers were served, a few of us took a stroll outside to snap photos and take in the fresh evening air.

When it comes to ordering food in the U.S, I am always wary. Food portions can be ginormous and most of the time, starters or entrees will be sufficient as a main course. The servings here are small by American standards. Like I said - almost posh dining. The food had a good blend of flavors and texture and I would say it is good but nothing way out spectacular. What is a must-have though, are the desserts. If you find the prices on the high side, you might just want to drop by for desserts. The desserts are well done and even for those who aren't usually a fan of desserts, were going 'wow' over their choices.

The panna cotta is a must-order. It was indescribable. There was vanilla, orange, it was smooth and creamy. I didn't get to try everything - also because I was cautious of what I was eating since I was still barely past my allergic attacks but all the desserts ordered were given a thumbs-up.

470 SW Hamilton Court
+1 (503) 802 5850

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Somewhere, over the rainbow

I was pretty de-motivated at the track until I saw the rainbow.


One full arc. I've never seen such a gorgeous one. I ran faster, hoping to complete my set so that I could grab a shot before disappear. I got it just in time before it vanished behind the clouds.

Today's track workout -
10mins warmup, 1200,1000,800,600,400,200, 10min cool down

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