July 6th, 2010



Whatever you want to do, do it now. For life is time and time is all there is.

Quoted from Ashley of littlepaperplanes


I read this at a perfect time.

Life is short - yours, mine, everyone's. Time is limited and short too. Spend it wisely. Do what your heart's desires. Don't be afraid to explore, to falter, to try, to live. Don't forget to love with all your heart, to tell the people that you care and love that they mean something to you. Because sometimes, they might not be around even if you want to tell them so.

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Clothes that flatter

Clothes from Loef, H&M belt, Converse shoes, Casio gold watch, Forever21 accessories

I'm not too fussy about brands as long as they flatter me :p I don't mind paying for designer wear or wearing local or brandless products!

One makes me feel taller, the other makes me feel girly and sexy :)

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Portland's Farmer's Market

A pano shot of part of the market

I love visiting markets.

I missed the big fish market in Japan but I did visit the markets in Vienna, Melbourne and now the Farmers' Market in Portland. :)

I think if I lived near a market like this, I will be cooking a lot more often. Everything is fresh and cheap and omg, the flowers sold there are amazing. Check out the large bouquet that TS got for her house. Gorgeous!

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Ramona Falls

I love nature

Many people think that Portland is dullsville. I beg to defer.

Well, if you merely stay in Portland, then perhaps, there's not a lot to do. To be honest, Portland itself has a number of good eating places, scenic places to have a picnic, great running trails - you just need to go out and explore. Outside of Portland, there are many great places to visit in Oregon. On one of my last trips, I visited the Multnomah Falls which was totally beautiful. We snowboard during the winter period and enjoy the great outdoors. So truly, there are things to do!

We decided to go for a hike. Firstly, I was kinda scared. Not of the hiking trip itself, but uh of snakes. I think I sent a few people into endless laughter and my email on 'snakes' has been circulating -_- ANYWAY, the night before, we shortlisted a couple of hiking trails and finally decided on the Ramona Falls. Okay. That is what we should have seen.. BUT, we didn't get to see that masterpiece. Sigh. You'll read on and find out why!

The weather forecast wasn't good but I decided to be positive and kept singing for the sun to come out. It was an hour odd drive and pleasant. We got lost for a bit when we made a wrong turning but found our way back on track. We made it to the start of the trail and started our hike armed with two bottles of water each and a trail bar.

I think we were the only two that were not exactly dressed for hiking! We were both wearing running shoes and dressed in standard knit pants (my airplane pants) and with just a thin jacket. Most hikers were all geared up complete with sticks, huge haversacks and heavy sturdy hiking boots -_- It was a good thing that the trails turned out to be an easy trek through - mostly mossy like with a slight gradient.

I enjoyed being out in the nature but I'll be honest - I was nervously looking out for snakes! Even as we sat to eat our trail bar, I kept staring at the hollow log beside me expecting a snake to peep out any moment. There weren't as many hikers as we thought there would be - perhaps just 20 throughout the entire 7 mile course.

As our watch read 4 in the evening, we decided to turn around. The thing about hiking is that the distance given is just an approximation and it depends if you get onto the right track. We knew we were probably a mile or two from the actual falls itself but we were afraid of getting lost when it turned dark and since there were just us two girls, we decided - safety first.

We turned around and made our way back to the start. We passed by a couple and they said that we flew on quickly. We confessed that we didn't make it to the falls. And then we found out the truth - we were just 0.5 miles away from it! Argghhhhh! It was such a waste! Sigh. Oh well.

Hopefully, I can do another hike next summer. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures!

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Miniature dSLR

Everyone knows how I love taking photos. My team is used to it especially my weird penchant for taking pictures of food.

I have 2 digicams. A compact point and shoot i.e. IXUS80 which are great for close-up food shots and my Canon G10 which is my travel camera. The latter is quite chunky and heavy and the reason why I hardly bring it out. Also, with the amazing camera apps offered on the iPhone platform, I find it more convenient to use the iPhone - can't wait for the better in-built camera in the iPhone 4!

I have successfully convinced two others to buy the G11 (upgrade of my G10). The great thing about Canon is the natural rich colors, color accent function (big plus) and it's easy to use. I am quite a faithful fan of Canon but lately, I am considering switching to other brands simply because they have a minature dSLR range.

There are currently two miniatures that I am lusting over - the Olympus E-P2 and the Sony NEX-5.

As usual, I am going to sit on it for awhile before deciding. And I've not really decided if I want to change cameras so soon yet. It's been less than 2 years since I had my G10 I think! We'll see. People tell me that the G10 can still be sold for a decent price.

Why oh why are there so many nice gadgets?

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