July 2nd, 2010

Terry Fox Run

Your power song

When I do run with music, my power song is Hed Kandi's Empty Streets. It's a great starting song and sometimes I put it on repeat for abit.

What is your power song? Do share!

Also, I love running with either my Nano or iShuffle the only downside is that the wire from the earphones get in the way. Do you get this issue and if yes, what is your solution?

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The boat of makis

I love Japanese food but to find a really good one in the States - is frankly tough. It's even harder in smaller cities like Portland. One of the best was still the expensive but good Omakase place in NYC.

We've eaten at Sinju before but I can't recall if I gave the details. Anyway, the sushi rolls here are good. HOWEVER, whenever you eat sushi in the U.S, remember, it might come larger than normal. Also, you need to be clear and specific in your order.

At Sinju, there was a list of handrolls. However, we weren't aware that by default, they serve maki rolls instead of handrolls unless otherwise told. The ordering style here is that you use a crayon to circle onto the menu and indicate your quantity. I mentioned to the waiter that we wanted handrolls but forgot to circle the word 'handroll' at the top. Hence, we had uh way too much sushi/maki in the end because each one of us ordered a handroll -_- What we have in the above picture was uh just a fifth of our entire spread!

Excuse the poor photography as I am still learning how to take photos in dim lighting with minimal use of the flash!

1022 NW Johnson Street
OR 97209
+1 (503) 223 6535

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Mac kid

Five guys

LCB (little cheeseburger) with shrooms, grilled onions, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato

An efficient production line

Closer view of the production line

B.T is a fast-food junkie. Whenever we return to the States, he will visit all the various fast-food joints to satisfy his junk food cravings. If we are visiting his brother who lives in the Bay Area, In-N-Out will be one of the joints.

The first time he took me there, I was amazed by their simplistic menu. Few options with all you can add and the hand-sliced fries are really good. I haven't quite found a similar fast-food joint and on this trip, I found a pretty similar outlet. Five Guys

The queue was snaking all the way to the door when we arrived during lunchtime. Fresh peanuts are available for free and it's a clever idea because as you chomp on the peanuts and wait in line, you work up the gastric juices and appetite. The menu is simple - either a regular burger or a little sized burger in 4 options - bacon and cheese, cheese, bacon, and hamburger. Hotdogs and sandwiches are available as well but nobody goes for those! It's the burgers you need to check out!

The moment I reach the counter, I am asked if I've eaten here before and am familiar with the ordering process. I replied, No. The staff proceeds to explain how the menu works. It's easy. I selected the LCB (be warned, it's actually regular sized. Regular sized burgers come with a double beef patty) and list the toppings that I want. A tip - don't select too much as it'll be really messy to it. The portion for the fries are large so buy to share! It's also hand-sliced although I think the ones at In-N-Out were better.

The burgers are tasty. They remind me of home-cooked burgers. Not the over processed ones that most fast-food joints serve. The beef patties look and taste like REAL beef patties and less plasticky. I'm usually not a fan of fast-food and hardly eat them. I love the option of grilled onions and shrooms - it makes the cheeseburger extra yummy. I finished up all of it and was kept full for awhile :)

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Discovering life through sports - Hector Yuzon

Running - a big part of Hector's life

31 year old Hector Yuzon is an avid runner and triathlete who is currently living in The Philippines. He is a familiar face in the Manila Filipino running community as he owns two running specialty doors in The Philippines and is frequently seen at local running and triathlon races. The Secondwind Running Store is a result of his passion for running.

It is heartening to meet like-minded runners that share the same passion for running as me. And the passion that Hector has for running is evident. His running specialty door is what I would call, one of the few authentic running stores in Asia. They remind me of the running stores that you would see in the U.S. As Hector puts, he literally lives and breathes running now. No complaints. It is a dream that he has successfully pursued. Perhaps, his story might inspire or motivate some of you to follow your dreams and turn it into a reality.

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The weekend ahead

It's going to be one crazy busy weekend.

An early morning start, the wedding, hair affairs, 4th of July - we aren't even sure if we can make it to the celebrations which my American boy would dearly love to go, and many more!

One more week to the next trip and I'm not done planning! Arghh! Plus training plus more. INEEDMORETIME!!

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