July 1st, 2010


Washington Square

Just a tiny part of the mall

Chilling out whilst waiting for the rest

Washington Square was mentioned in my list of malls in Portland previously, but here is the direct link and how it looks like. I do enjoy shopping in open-air concept malls. It's lovely especially during the Summer.

Our shopping trips are typical. We head out in cars. We mall hop together. We arrive, get off, meet 1.5-2.5 hours later, load in the bags, hop in and off to the next destination. :)

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Knowing when to back off

I need to remind myself about this - don't try to make up for a training session that you've missed. There's a reason why it's meant to be on that scheduled day. Perhaps I shouldn't have done the 13.1 miler because I didn't get enough rest for today's tempo.

I was feeling fine but my knee was complaining so I pulled back and walked back.

Wednesday - Ab ripper workout
Thursday - 4.6 miles (meant to do 7) tempo run.

I seriously don't know how you ladies can wear high heels daily! 2 non-consecutive days of wearing wedges and my right Achilles heel is hurting. I guess running and high heels simply don't go hand in hand!

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Bargain hunting at Target and Costco

Target or 'tar-ghet' as my team tries to pronounce it with a fake French accent :P is one of our favorite places to shop at in the States, regardless of gender.

It sounds strange to be excited at shopping at supermarkets or hypermarts like Target and Costco but the deals are amazing and you can find brands that aren't available in Singapore or Asia. The product range is massive too.

If you do visit the US, remember to pop by a Target and allocate uh about 1.5-2 hours. Trust me. It will be just enough even with a list, you cannot help but to stop and browse!

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The lavender that was all over campus. Lovely

I have an obsession with taking photos of nature, especially flowers, and the Bokeh effect.

I don't have a fancy professional dSLR to product the Bokeh effect for my pictures but after being inspired by this photography blog that I follow and the lady takes friggin' amazing photos with a regular point and shoot. Yes. A point and shoot. Well, it's a Canon Powershot but you really wouldn't believe that she is able to product such professional looking shots using a non dSLR. So, I started reading up on photography tips and my friend who is a professional photographer gave me a few tips, I decided to just keep trying and experimenting.

The results are not perfect but I'm working on it :) I took some pictures in Bali of the plants in our villa and will share that in a separate post. Even B.T commented that I had some really cool shots. :) Feel free to give me any tips on how I can improve the shots with my G10.

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