June 30th, 2010


Yard sale - Polar watch and heel wedges for sale!

Pre-loved Polar FT40F

I'm selling my Polar watch because I've not been using it since I got my Garmin GPS. Details and more pictures below. Also, a pair of heel wedges. :)

P.S Thanks to those who have bought my other pre-loved items. It was really nice meeting you all in person :)

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Crinkly pink

I was eyeing a pair of designer shoes that was similar to the above. Then I found these for just USD$10. It was the last pair with slight defect so I was given a 10% discount - I heart shopping in the States! No way that this will happen here!

Anyway, guess whose glutes are aching? That's the price I pay for forgetting to wear my compression tights to sleep!

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Olives. I don't fancy it but it was too pretty not to snap a shot of

I was excited when told that we were finally going to dine at somewhere different other than the predictable Ringside steakhouse or Pho! I did promise that I checked out some new dining places and this is one of it.

Navarre is a fusion blend of a couple of cuisines that are served on small serving plates. It is best to go in a group so that you can order an array to share - family style. The tiny restaurant seats about just 30 or so hence it is recommended that you call beforehand to make reservations.

I love the entire ambience and decor of the place. It has a homely feel that is warm and inviting. In fact, the food served tastes like good old home-cooked food. Nothing overly fancy, yet tasty and varying. It was fun passing the plates around, scooping your portion up and passing it on. You land up eating in smaller bites and get fuller faster. The guys did complain that it wasn't quite enough but I guess we are talking about old-fashioned guys in my team that eat chunks of meat, rice and huge portions which is then deemed to be 'sufficient'.

The highlight for me (as usual), was dessert! We ordered the huge-ass red velvet and chocolate cake to share. I avoided the chocolate cake for fear that a rash attack would be triggered off! The red velvet was super moist with a generous layering of frosting. TS and I finished up most of it!

I hope to check out more places on my next trip. I've been asked if I'm ever sick of traveling to the States - I'm averaging 4-6 trips yearly, I said, well, no. There is always something different to see or do even if it's mostly to the same place! For example, I snowboarded during my last trip and this time around, I went hiking!

More to follow :)

P.S I'll complete my recent Portland travel log before I move onto Bali followed next by D.C and then Hong Kong! And of course, my training and other life happenings in between!

10 Northeast 28th Avenue
OR 97232
+1 (503) 232 3555

Mon-Thurs - 1630-2230
Fri - 1100-2300
Sat - 0930-2330
Sun - 0930-2230

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