June 29th, 2010


Organized and the training

I'm really liking the new OS 4. I used to have 6 pages of apps but it's now all organized into folders :)

I am looking forward to upgrading to the iPhone 4 but will hold out for the next batch till they sort out all the current kinks! The reception issue is funny and although it can be sorted out using a bumper, I'd rather get the version that doesn't have that issue.

With the number of trips that I have to the States this year, I was originally tempted to get an unlocked version. But decided to just wait out and enjoy this new OS for the time being.

Speaking of trips, these two months are insane for me travel wise and I'm trying to balance everything out. This week is just MAD insane!!

The marathon training program is turning out to be tougher than expected. I'm trying my best to fit in the training with the travels. I'm glad that Insanity and hill and speedwork seems to be helping. As my manager cheekily asked if I have friends, I said that I don't have a social life once I train for a marathon.

I finished my work early and did a run from the office. Boy it was long and I need to bring 2 gels instead of one AND fill up my bottle more often. I ran out of water at the last 2miles and it wasn't funny.

Monday - Insanity
Tuesday - 13.1 miles. 2hr 16mins. My race day PR was 2hr 12mins so I'm quite happy with this timing as I'm confident of doing it at my previous PR or possibly improve on it should I do a half.

Time for dinner! Starving!!

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