June 16th, 2010

OSIM mini run keeping strong

Leif Erikson

Waiting to head out

The map of Leif Erikson

Love the blurry effect of the photo - unintentional

Start of the trail

Check out the crazy change in gradient! (green graph)

One of my favorite running places in Portland, Oregon, is at Leif Erikson.

It's 22.4miles long - so imagine that! Running in it non-stop or training for a marathon just in that gorgeous trail. The best part is that you can choose to either run on the paved road or run inside the trails itself. There are water fountains throughout - even bowls for dogs! It's mainly rolling slopes, the parts that I ran in are almost flat. I love running inside it.

We ran from TS place which was the challenge actually. It's 2 miles of gradual slope all the way to the start of Leif Erikson and we were literally huffing towards the end of the 2 miles -_- We walked briefly for some parts of it too. Nonetheless, a brillant run overall.

Distance - 7.95 mi
Time - 01:23:40
Av pace - 10:31 min/mi

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