June 10th, 2010



Stayput ponytail holders

Slideproof headwraps

Whenever I travel to the States, one of these will be on my shopping list for friends.

Goody hair products are one of my favorites. Practical, great colors and designs and very affordable. I wished we had more of it here. In fact, I don't think anywhere here in Singapore sells them right?

Since young, I have had this weird habit of wearing an elastic tie around my right wrist. It's there for practical reasons. It used to be scrunchies when I was younger but now, I prefer them simple. Anyway, I will use the Goody skinny stayput ponytail hair-ties for everyday use and the thicker ones for sports.

I have very fine hair. So much so that all my hair stylists get exasperated with it. It is hard to style because it is so fine and spraying on a lot of mousse, hair spray, gels and whatnots well, may or may not work. Anyway, I am just glad that I have a lot of fine hair :P

With hair like mine, I find it difficult to hold my hair in a ponytail, especially when I am running. So these stayput holders with non-slip ridges are really a God-sent. Plus, I can easily pull off the elastics without pulling out a clump of hair. I love the hairbands too especially for yoga sessions - keeps the stray hairs away.

I have them in a multiple of colors - more at my house. I hope that they will never go out of sale because I am not sure if I can find a similar substitute.

What hair accessories do you use when you engage in sports?

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That poofy skirt

Jacob top, Forever 21 skirt, PInc necklace, Casio watch, Kate Spade Felice flats

I really do love this poofy skirt of mine. It makes me feel totally girlish and I feel like dancing each time I wear it. I also love tops that look simple on the front but come with a sexy back design. For example this top has a plaited t-back design which I love love love.

P.S This top was picked out by TS for me! I love how she knows my taste in clothes and picks out stuff for me to try out whenever we shop together.

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Sapporo style

Simple but nice

That ramen that I wrote about previously? This is how it looks like :) Not bad for instant ramen huh?

The way you cook it is different too. You cook the soup base separately from the ramen. The noodles are cooked and drained and poured into the soup unlike the traditional way of cooking instant noodles which is cooking the noodles together with the soup base.

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