June 9th, 2010

Nike girl run

Funny running related videos

I got my new laptop at work last week and decided to 'spring-clean' some of my files. Found a couple of 'old' running videos that made me laugh.


Aren't we like Yuri sometimes when we run? Always trying to compete with that random stranger? :P

I salute this guy who came up with this hilarious video! It is a reflection on how many of us are caught up crazy with logging in our statistics and data that when we head out for a run, it does take awhile to fix everything up! And there are times where I just lace up my runners, head out and go. No watch, no music, no tracking device. Nothing. I just run.

Enjoy the videos! Meanwhile, I'm loving my new work laptop. I love it when I get new hardware :P It's one of my favorite PC brands for a laptop, it's tiny for petite me and it's good! Lovin' it!

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Roule from the Cookyn with Mervyn wine & cheese tasting session last year

Ever since we had a taste of Roule, we have been addicted to it.

The other day, we got a small portion of Roule and I never thought I will ever say this, but I actually prefer it to brie.. It goes perfect with the Meiji crackers with oats. Actually, everything seems to go well with those Meiji crackers. The only problem with this cheese? 45% fat. Urk.

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True Blue

I've blogged about True Blue a number of times, but here goes anyway.

It's not the cheapest Peranakan food around but each time I have a meal here, it's satisfying. And for the overseas guests that we bring to this place. It's funny how his cousin wanted to visit this place because he saw it on a travel show and it wasn't a local series like Makansutra or something!

My favorite is the Kepiting (clear soup with meatballs), ngoh hiang, chap chye, flower salad dishes (unique but pricey!) and so much more.

I wished the ondeh ondeh wasn't sold out!

47/49 Armenian Street
Singapore 179937
+65 6440 0449

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