June 5th, 2010

NB Aquathlon race to the end

Discovering life through sports - Annie Duong

Annie - Bouldering

30 year old Annie Duong was one of the first few to come to mind when I thought about this little project of mine. I would say, she has pretty much inspired those around her - me included, with her passion in running and sports. Whenever Annie posts something on Facebook about her recent win at a race or a new running pace that she has accomplished, she makes me want to lace up my runners and head out right away. She is in fact, one of the few girls that I know, who has qualified for Boston, for her age group!

An engineer by profession, Annie originated from Potomac, Maryland and currently resides in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I am constantly amazed with the amount of activities she manages to pack into her schedule on a weekly basis - running (5 times weekly), rock climbing, dragon boating, bike-commuting. She participates in each sport with much gusto and passion and admittedly, I was daunted when she invited me out for a run when I was in Portland. I had this mental image of me frantically trying my best to chase after her while she went at her slow and easy pace which would be a pace that would leave me huffing and panting.

The great thing about Annie is that despite her achievements, she remains extremely humble and down to earth. When D gifted me with a foam roller for my birthday, I spent my time searching YouTube videos for instructions on how to use it. Finally, I asked Annie for advice and she was sweet enough to do a demonstration for me and take a photo and posted it up. I admire and love her attitude towards sports which is always striving to be better and improving wherever possible and it has shown through her results at each race.

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First break out

The flu bug might have just caught up.

I spent the entire Friday morning and early afternoon sneezing (non-stop) my head off. Actually, it started from the night before where some dust allergens got into my system. It was so bad that I used up at least half a box of tissue papers and my nose was all red. My boss chased me out of the office and sent me on my way home.

I took an anti-histamine and rested for a bit before heading out for my sister's hen's night aka cooking session. It was great and I was okay till I ate something that conflicted with my system and broke out in hives at 5am. -_-

Slept till noon, ate, broke out in hives again and went back to sleep. Woke up at about 3pm, took the medication, felt sleepy and slept till 6 when it was time for the movie.

It's 10pm right now and I am still having an outbreak of hives. This is my first attack since about two years ago. I am trying to figure out what I was allergic to. Currently, there are a few options -

1) Laksa leaves
2) One of the wines
3) Agruva caviar
4) Full cream

I am doing an experiment tomorrow and re-cooking one of the dishes. If I break out, wish me luck.

My tonsils are sore, I am feeling sleep again even after sleeping for the entire day. I think I am falling sick now. :\

P.S Have you participated in the iTunes card giveaway :)

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