May 27th, 2010


Universal Studios

Shrek's castle?

Every 3 months or so, the SEA teams will fly in for our seasonal meetings. There will be a big team dinner and this time around, it was over at Universal Studios!

My memories of Universal Studios in the States are somewhat faded. Let me see, I was about 11 years old when I visited?! I didn't expect anything - I just thought it was fun that we could boot out of the office at 5pm and have some fun on company expenses :P

I heard we could sit on a few rides - I said NO. I don't mind okay speed type of rollercoasters but not those that go up-side down. In the end, I got swindled into sitting on the Revenge of the Mummies ride and the result was quite hilarious -_-

The Swede fibbed. He said it was a simulation sort of ride. Well, okay. That's fine. You just sit in a chair and it wiggles and wobbles with sound effects etc. I can handle that. So I said I'll ride and when we stood in line and I saw the carts coming in, I went Sh*t. So I asked Talley if he could sit next to me and he laughed and said okay.

The ride came. I sat at the last row with Talley on my right. It started. I said to myself, Well, okay. I can handle this if it goes at this speed. It was fine for the first minute and I was actually laughing and then Talley said, It's going to drop! And I got nervous. And the damn thing - well I shan't spoil it for those who haven't gone on it. But okay, it did its thing and I was screaming my head off. I landed up grabbing onto Talley's arm for the entire ride or rather whenever it was dropping and swerving around the bends. He actually gave me fore warning but it made it worse. When the photos came out, everyone laughed their heads off because I was gripping onto Talley's arm and head on his shoulder. Sigh.

So that's it. NO MORE RIDES FOR ME.

It's actually a short ride and probably not even scary for most but for me, bah. I hate rollercoasters.

We didn't get to tour all of Universal Studios - I don't know if I will be back but at least I had a glimpse of it. I wished I saw Kungfu Panda, Shrek and the rest though :\ Some of them did but I didn't! Bah!

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