May 26th, 2010



9 hours of sleep and I was good to head out for a 630am7am run.

I had to press the snooze button but woke up when it rang again. It helped that I laid out my running clothes the night before.

5 miles covered - I'll try to hit my abs tonight!

Oh. Don't ever run without having a bite! I almost threw up! You need to have fuel to run and it's been emphasized in magazines like Runner's World. I trust them because most if not all the writers are runners themselves and Boston qualifiers too! We have also experimented on running in the evenings without taking a snack prior - bad idea. We always eat a snack before our runs. You'll feel the difference and you will get a better quality run in.

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Videos and music

I just finished work. It's quite late but it's okay. It's the standard seasonal meetings. Anyway, the morning run today needed some motivation so I decided to run with some music. My power song was Hed Kandi's Empty Streets. Or rather, it has been my power song for quite awhile now :) Decided to share it below with two more other videos. Call it a short way of de-stressing after a long work day.

Hed Kandi's Empty Streets

I love this song so much. It gets me pumped up and going. If I run with music for the upcoming marathon, this will be my starting song :) Or maybe, I'll just play it when I need the extra boost.

Lady Antebellum's Need You Now

My current favorite song on perpetual repeat.

B.T and I share the same taste in music. We love a wide genre of music but somehow or other, we land up loving the same songs. He sent this song to me. He said that he knew that I would like it and it was for me. It made me cry.

Nike's latest ad - Write the Future

Nike's latest ad that was launched a week ago, rawks. Within a week, it has 8million over views for the main video and with many others' posting the videos with similarly high viewership. It's been described as 'epic' by my friends on Facebook and I have to agree.

I think Pat aptly describes this latest campaign. Most are probably familiar on who Pat is :) She's one of the few bloggers out there that doesn't review a product or brand just for the sake of it. She won't do it if she doesn't believe in the product even if you paid her a lot for it. It's her integrity and I really respect her for it. Reading her write-up on it, I'm really happy because it's a good testimonial. So I am posting it here just in case you have yet to watch it :)

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