May 9th, 2010


Bella pizza

Pizza Capricciosa (tomato, mozzarella, mushroom, cooked ham and artichokes)

My mom and a couple of friends noted that I blog a lot about food. Yes. I am quite greedy and I do enjoy my food. Note though, I do try to eat healthily and hence the reason why B.T and I cook fairly healthy food. Anyway, yes, my blog is a lot about food but also on my travels, running, bits of yoga, random bits of fashion related stuff and yea, mainly those.

I asked for good pizza places here in Singapore on FB and got a list! We decided to check out Bella Pizza. There were 5 of us, we chomped through 3 pizzas. It was just nice! Perfecto!

What I enjoyed about Bella pizzas is that it is a thin-crust pizza base (which is my favorite) and it is crispy and tastes like it just came out of a wood-burn oven. My favorite was the Capricciosa as the artichokes and fresh shrooms were a nice combination. The salty riccota cheese and the sauteed spinach on the Bella was lovely too. I do admit that I enjoy non-standard pizzas i.e. those with just cheese, ham, salami. Veggies and shrooms anytime please!

Bella Pizza
30 Robertson Quay
Riverside View
+65 6734 0139

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Shabu Shabu

Happy Mother's Day @ Tatsuya

Happy Mudder's Day!

I love Japanese food. Period.

I am mighty glad that my entire family and B.T share the same love as me! The two of us had previously eaten at Tatsuya and suggested that we had Mother's Day lunch there. Everyone (even my Dad who is extremely fussy about the quality of Japanese food) agreed that it was good so we are glad. But OMG. We made some orders without checking the prices and when I checked the details after I got home, we almost fainted.

Overall, we thought that the prices are still relatively decent for the quality that you get. It averaged S$80 per person including drinks, 2 desserts, lunch sets and *ahem, a couple of expensive sushi orders -_-

It's been a really packed weekend since I got back from Manila! I wanted to be a hermit but landed up socializing and spending time with my family! But no complaints really. I didn't do much sports this week but it's okay. Just a run, some ab work and a friggin' hot Vinyasa class after my huge Japanese lunch today *burp. We only had an hour to digest all that food that you saw *double burp. Oh. We went on a movie date today as well so I'm a happy camper :)

Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant
22 Scotts Road
Goodwood Park Hotel
+65 6887 4598

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