May 8th, 2010


Home service massage

My trip to Manila was for work and it was short and super packed. I was exhausted on the last night and had an aching knot at right deltoid area. My Filipino colleague suggested that I call for a home service massage at my hotel room.

Home service massage?!!

That was new to me. But I decided to give it a try.

Ahhh. It was good. The best place to have a massage is in your own hotel room. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous having a complete stranger in my room! But she was very professional and I felt comfortable. It's really worth it too - S$15 for 1.5 hours including the tip!

My other two colleagues thought that the massage was just okay for them. I guess it also really depends on the masseuse and the style of the massage that you prefer. For me, give me a sports massage anytime! I don't fancy the soft spa massages - I like deep knuckling and rubbing of my sore muscles!

So if you are ever in Manila, ask your hotel for the number of the home service massage. Note, is it not the spa massages available at the hotel itself! Huge difference in pricing!

What to expect?

Length of massage - up to you! I think it's a minimum of 1hour I believe. You can opt for with oil or 'dry massage'.

Rates - Starts from 350 php or or about S$11.60

Tip - You can give a small tip

Process - Just wait in your room at the time you requested for. The hotel will give you a call to double check if you had requested for the home massage. Then they will send the masseuse up to your room. Person should be dressed in a uniform.

What you need to prepare - Have a big bath towel ready and that will be used to cover your body. Like all other massages, you are just required to wear your undergarments. Pillow placed at the foot of the bed - I recommend that you keep the duvet on because some of the masseuse will use their feet and body weight to massage the legs and back. It'll be good to have the TV on - turn it to some entertaining channel like 'Insider' or 'America's Next Top Model', so that both you and the masseuse can watch it! Makes the mood less tense!

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For today

:: Cole Haan sunglasses, Miu Miu black leather bag, Gripz heels, knit top from Loef, Aeropostale denim frayed shorts, Forever 21 necklace, Casio gold watch ::

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One of the rolls - can't recall the name

At anywhere in the world, Japanese restaurants are fairly easy to find. I would say Japanese cuisine is well-liked by most. However, many that say that they love to eat Japanese food, actually mean cooked Japanese food i.e. rolls, cooked meats and not the sashimi that most Asians love.

Except for the major cities in the U.S, the Japanese restaurants that you find, say for example in Portland, are average standards. It can be above average standards but not spectacular.

Sinju is known for their rolls. Dragon rolls, mango with prawn etc etc. They come in ginormous portions and are pretty delish actually. We ordered quite a few with a couple of sides to share. The sashimi here was not too bad, the chirashi that someone ordered turned out to be huge! Check out the amount of fish for that! It wasn't too expensive either.

The next time I visit Sinju, I think I will order the rolls! My favorite was the Ahi tower which was a mix of tuna (not a big fan but this one was good!), rice, mayo, avocado and the works.

Sinju Japanese Restaurant
1022 NW Johnson ST
OR 97209
+1 (503) 223 6535

Lunch Mon-Fri: 1130-1430
Dinner Sun-Thurs - 1700-2130, Fri-Sat - 1700-2230

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