May 7th, 2010


Flying Elephants

Melted cheese panini, pressed!

Now opened at Portland PDX airport!

Casual dining

I love delis. Those that serve sandwiches, hot drinks, cakes, pastries etc. It's not difficult to find one in Portland.

Flying Elephants can be found in several parts of Portland but I'll just post the addresses of those that I frequent. Sandwiches here are good. I love sandwiches that are made hot, pressed so that you get lovely grilled marks on the bread and the cheese is all melted and gooey. It's a recommended place for a weekend breakfast or even a quick bite during the week.

P.S I have completed my entries on Vancouver! Finally! I can't believe that I only spent 3 days there plus an unfortunate incident occured that caused us not to complete our original intended itinerary! Hope that my travel entries are useful to those who are visiting those places in future.

To easily access the entries, just click on the travel tags on the left hand side or use the 'Search' toolbox on my main homepage. Since I do get a fair number of email requests and recommendation on travels, when I have the time, I will create a separate page of tags pointing to each location. Currently, I have entries from NYC to LA to Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Hakone, San Francisco, Melbourne etc. If you also need a detailed agenda, drop me an email - it's available in excel format! Not for all countries though :) I might do want for Portland soon since my friend advised me to do one! Upcoming, few more on Portland, just a one or two on my recent trip to Manila and what to possibly expect for the rest of the year? Chicago, Bali, Colorado, Hong Kong

Elephants NW 22nd
115 NW 22nd Ave
Portland 97210
+1 (503) 299 6304

Flying Elephants @ PDX
Inside the Oregon Market at the airport
+1 (503) 937 1090

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