May 3rd, 2010

OSIM mini run finishing

Just a little bit of pain won't hurt

One of my closest friends called me a masochist. I have to admit that she is quite spot on.

I wouldn't say that I have a high threshold for pain - not at all actually. But I do enjoy the post-workout aches. My friend has seen me through my first HTC experience where I openly declared that it would be the first and the last. I landed up participating again the following year - the two of us did. We have done a half marathon and a full together and guess what? We are on to our second. I don't know what keeps me going but I just know that when I stay inactive for just a few days, it feels uncomfortable.

The last two days of hot yoga was rough. I was sweating so much, I had to rest in between postures. Whenever I did a forward bend, the sweat just dripped off my face onto the towel. Then the instructor (same for both days) decided to focus on abs and OMG. My upper abs and lower back is aching to high heavens right now. B.T and I were so tired out that we slept right through. But even with these aches, we are planning to head out for a short run later on, in the heat no less. I guess training will be starting next month or so in any case.

I am starting to get excited for the upcoming marathon. I know the training is going to hurt and sometimes suck but I will likely be in my best shape again. A few of my friends recently completed their virgin marathon in Vancouver. I felt so excited for them. They both did well. I just have to constantly remind myself not to overdo the running as my cousin who has been running daily for awhile, just told me that she is now off running, had an MRI done, on meds and might need to go for surgery :\ Urgh. So if you love running, always keep those joints healthy and be safe!

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2am Dessertbar

Milestones Bar & Grill


Dim Sum

One of my favorite dim sums - chee cheong fun (did I spell it correctly?)

On our way back to Portland, we decided that we had to drop by at Richmond for dim sum. Canada, especially in Vancouver, has a large Asian population. Chinese food here is known to be great as well.

We randomly picked out a restaurant and when we walked in and noticed that everyone eating at the restaurant were Chinese, we figured that it had to be right :) An interesting observation was that there were a lot of elderly Chinese folks eating at Imperial Court - another good sign right?

We simply ordered the standard off the menu and prices are really decent. The dim sum was quite similar to the ones found in Hong Kong and we all agreed that it was a nice meal to round up the trip. I do like the fact that it is quite easy to find Asian food all around the world these days. Whether it is good, is another story altogether but it makes me feel closer to home when I travel :)

Imperial Court Restaurant
7, 6360 No.3 Road, Unit 6
Vancouver, BC
+1 (604) 270 2814

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