April 27th, 2010


Busy busy

I have a few more interviews to post but I have been busy busy busy. Re-scheduling trips, on a training course and trips to go on. Urgh. Oh, and I'm trying my best to create the evite for my sis' wedding. I need more time!! I already feel sluggish after not exercising for two days. Ah yes. I still have loads to share from my trip. Let me do a short post and get right back into my to-do list. Ack.

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White spot

Pasta with beef chunks in stew

White Spot was another recommendation from one of the Canadians. It can be found quite easily everywhere so I won't post the address. It's a place for old school Canadian style food.

Serving sizes are generous - the chicken pot pie that I had was filling. It was loaded with chicken chunks soaked in a creamy gravy with a huge fluffy flaky puff pastry. The pasta had so much of meaty yet tender beef chunks that G and I were struggling to finish it up!

If you are expecting something different, perhaps White Spot won't be the place that you are looking for. But if comfort food, old style western Canadian food is what you need, this might just be the place. Prices are reasonable too.

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