April 25th, 2010


All things beautiful

Paper boats that decorated the ground outside of a museum.

A mermaid statue. I love how the bird was happily perched on top of her head. It was a shame though,that she was covered in bird poop!

I think this was the Lion's Gate Bridge


Whenever I am in a foreign location, I tend to be more observant of the surroundings, see more and appreciate more. Everything seems new and interesting. Perhaps whenever I am back home, I take things for granted and the places that I go to, feel always familiar and quite much the same.

Yesterday, whilst out with a friend, we walked around his neighbourhood. The area was a place that was near my house and I was quite familiar with. I started to realize how beautiful the shophouses were, the varied restaurants, even the people looked interesting. I made a mental note to myself, to perhaps spend a day or so, just wandering around to the places that I usually frequent, but this time, with an open eye to appreciate and observe.

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I had a long weekend this week but it wasn't enough!

I spent an hour clearing out my wardrobe - again! Yes! I do it every 2 months. Packed out 4 bags of clothes and shoes (B.T will be very elated to hear that I'm spring-cleaning) and it'll be donated away! Also made some money selling off some stuff :D

I've also been clearing out my emails and photos. I wished I was more diligent in housekeeping with my emails. It took awhile to delete, delete, delete. Then I came across all the emails that readers (yes, you guys) have been sending to me over these years. This time around, I read every single one! I felt so nice and warm all over after reading them :) And I now remember how I 'met' some of you! Please don't stop emailing. I still enjoy receiving friendly emails (and comments) from time to time :)

As for the photos, as of now, I deleted a whopping 1,500 photos! That's how much junk I have! I deleted a lot of blurry pictures, too many food shots and also many other random photos which hold no significance. I still have tons to go through but I'll do it gradually. I'll get a headache if I do it all at one go -_-

I love de-cluttering. I feel really lighter and good after it :)

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Everything with Fries

Nutella shake & hot banana butterscotch pudding

Although we were stuffed from the heavy dinner, we decided that a dessert to round up the night was necessary.

Everything with Fries is a really cool cafe in the middle of Joo Chiat. I love the simple white and black decor of the place and wished that I'd taken a photo of it!

I heard food served here is pretty good so I'll need to make a second trip back. The desserts here are great.

That nutella shake is simply to die for! If you are a nutella or ferrero rocher fan like me, trust me on this one- you'll love it! It's like slurping up a chilled mixture of liquid rocher. Thick, velvet chocolatey and sinfully decadent. The banana butterscotch pudding was fantastic too. The butterscotch provides a solid sweet punch to the soft goey banana pudding. We sliced up the pudding and mixed it all up with the vanilla ice cream so it was not overwhelmingly sweet.

I'm definitely coming back! Heard the grilled salmon and beef is good!

Everything with Fries
458 Joo Chiat Road
+65 6345 5034
opens Tues - Sundays, Noon-10pm

Or 40 Lorong Mambong
+65 6463 3741
opens Sun, Tues-Thurs
Fri- Sat

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