April 21st, 2010


Speed dating tapas class

I'm helping vanessafrida to promote this event so here goes :)

This is for all the happy swinging singles - especially those that love cooking and/or want to meet new people!

The information can be found here!!!

Do check out the link and sign up if you are keen!

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Benkei Ramen

Looks authentic enough to me!

After days of eating steaks, burgers and everything non-Asian, we were really craving for something soupy and Asian. I had on my list, a strong recommendation for Izakaya but the rest of the group voted for ramen which I didn't object to!

We randomly walked into the restaurant that looked the most authentic and we sort of hit the bull's eye. Either it was because we were all famished or cold, we all agreed that the ramen was up to standard and it hit the spot!

As you know, there are different types of ramen soups - Shio, Miso, Shoyu. However, not all places serve it correctly. Shio is my favorite and I love it when it is thick and white. I liked Benkei as they offered the full range of ramen stocks. Everything sounded yummy and we had a tough time deciding. I finally decided to just go for my usual favorite plus, it mentioned that Shio contained a lot of collagen and calcium which is needed for beautiful skin! Yay!

In terms of pricing, it was very reasonable by Canadian standards. The additional toppings were also cheap at CAN$0.50 or you could add everthing (green onion, bamboo shoots, butter, nori, corn, boiled egg, kimchi! and a few other ingredients, for just CAN$2 (if I recall correctly!)

I wasn't disappointed. The hard boiled egg that I had was slightly watery and soft - which should be the way but I still think Tampopo serves the Original Kyushu Ramen egg the best - bright orange, semi watery and it tastes different. As for the noodles, it had a good texture - springy, with the right bite to it, sort of al dente. The soup was good too. It wasn't over salty (unlike the Ippudo soup in Singapore!) and had a slight sweet aftertaste (probably from the long boiling of pork bones). I didn't feel too thirsty after drinking the soup so I figured MSG was either non-existent or in minimal amount.

In my personal opinion - it was good!

Heh. I really do love ramen as you can see from my really long description :P

Benkei Ramen
1741 Robson Street
+1 (604) 688 6790

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Pushing Celestia at BT

Totem poles in Stanley Park

We spent a few hours cycling around Stanley Park .. on tandem

Stanley Park is pretty massive - somewhat like Central Park in NYC!

We decided to rent tandem bikes to get around the park and it was perfect since there were 6 of us. It was rather hilarious as you could hear shouts of Whaat are you doing??! Well, that came mainly from me and the ride was just hilarious the entire way. It was a great way to tour the park though and I highly recommend anyone to do it if you are holidaying in Vancouver.

I never knew that Vancouver has a history in aborigines and you can see many totem statues in the city itself. At the park, there is a totem pole area and it is interesting as the figures are of eagles, whales, wolves and frogs and each has a meaning behind. Apparently, these totems are messengers of the past and each tells a story. In some cases, the bodies of important people were buried and placed in a box near the top of the totem pole.

The totem poles in Stanley Park are near the Lumbermen's Arch area. They serve as a tourist attraction area and are definitely popular for photo-taking. We spent time posing ridiculously in front of the poles, trying our best to mimic the various postures. I just hope that we weren't being rude or that it was offensive to any spirits or so!

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