April 20th, 2010


Pimp meets Hugo

Pimp meet Hugo, Hugo meet Pimp

Remember how all of us (at some point or other) had a security blankie or stuffed toy as a kid?

I recalled mine was this dirty looking pillow which made its appearance in all my photos aged 2 years old. Then I had my Care Bears since I was 6 and I still have them. When my allergies started to get real bad, I kept all my stuffed toys away. Currently, all are kept in a dust proof bag at the top of my cupboard.

There is one however, that sits on my bed at The Studio and travels with me. Pimp the Chimp. Given to me by B.T some time back, he has been on a number of trips and he is never packed away in my luggage but stashed away in my handbag. So he has sat with me on the A380 business class :P It sounds kinda kiddish but I like having something familiar to hug to sleep when I am far away for a period of time. Plus he looks so ridiculously funny that it makes me smile all the time. My co worker wryly notes that I even refer to Pimp as a 'him' instead of 'it'

On the last trip, Pimp met a new friend, Hugo. Here are a couple of funny shots that my friends and I took - it cracked us up!

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