April 15th, 2010

One Bowerman

Nike Free Run+ launches

Actual link here

This ad is too cute!

I'm going to make an effort to train in Nike Free Run+ to build strength in my ankles and calves. Especially after my idol Paula Radcliffe said that she trains in them. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had the lucky opportunity to meet her on my last work trip and got inspired by her meet and greet session. More on that later ;)

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$8 for health

I'd say it's worth it!

still trying to work my way through it

I wrote about this before. I just wanted to remind everyone to load up on the greens!

With my co-workers around me falling ill - stomach flu, normal flu, sore throat etc, you name it! I decided to get a salad for lunch.

S$8 for all you can pick, from the basic selection. Grapes, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, cranberries, shaved cheese, feta cubes, carrots, greens, potaoes, hard-boiled eggs, tofu,pasta, bread crispies, sweet corn.. drizzled with rasberry vinaigrette - I think I got all my vitamins and roughage covered for the day!

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Inukshuk... not!

So you might wonder why I took the picture of those stones?

Well, I ran past it whilst running and thought it was cute.

Okay fine.

I thought it was the Inukshuk. -_-

Go ahead and laugh all you want. My co-workers did. Non-stop.

I found out about my blunder when there was some mention of the Inukshuk in the conversations. I declared proudly - 'I took a picture of it whilst running!' Lala waited in anticipation while I whipped out my digicam. She took one look at the photo and burst out laughing! That's just a pile of stones!


Click on the link here to see the real Inukshuk.

The Inukshuk is actually a stone landmark that is used for navigation or reference point. I don't believe that it is exclusive to Vancouver. It is an iconic symbol in Canada and was the basis of the 2010 Winter Olympics logo. In Vancouver, the statue can be found in the English Bay Beach. The irony was that I actually did run past it!

For the rest of the trip, every time we passed by some souvenir shop that sold pictures or statues of Inukshuk, they would gleefully point it out to me. Andy! Your Inukshuk! You know, I was almost tempted to buy the pair of dangly Inukshuk earrings but I think I'll hear no end if I wore them.

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Baby Drea with pipe

Trade pre-loved kids clothes online

For the mommies out there..

Firstly, don't ask why am I looking at kids clothing sites! I wasn't - as much as I think kids clothes are really cute! I got this off the Daily Candy and thought it was a cool site to share since we all know that kids out-grow their clothes really quickly.

ThredUp Kids Clothing Exchange has a rather neat concept to extend your hand-me-down circle. I'm not sure if it's available internationally as this company is from the U.S. But do check it out :)

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