April 13th, 2010


Whilst driving

The beauty of winter

A random red house along the highway

I get car sick easily. Most of the time, I'll try to close my eyes and sleep so that I won't think about it. But sometimes, I'll force myself to look out of the window and enjoy the scenary.

Enroute to Vancouver, the day was not exactly lovely. Grey skies and drizzles. Plus, the fact that it was at the tail end of winter and everything was still gloomy looking.

I took some quick shots - nothing spectacular because firstly, I was in a moving vehicle, secondly, I was behind a window - too windy to wind down and snap plus it was drizzling, and lastly, I was using my point-and-shoot, a modest Canon IXUS.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the end product. I think bare and bald trees are actually beautiful and I love spotting a random burst of color out of a sea of green.

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