April 9th, 2010


Walking tall today

I wore heels today.

Common for many but not for me! I can hardly balance in them but as I'll be a bridesmaid at my sister's upcoming wedding ,I figured I'd to start practising walking in them - I'm really afraid of tripping and falling whilst walking down the aisle.

I made it safely to the office without stumbling. It started off with an awkward walk and then it got slightly better.

I was so proud of myself that I sent the photo to TS and she replied saying that she was proud of me. A few minutes later, I received a text asking if I'd worn those heels on the train all the way. And that she was impressed if I did - she knows me too well :p But yes I did.

I did carry my flip-flops just in case I needed to change halfway whilst commuting. I survived! I wore my slippers in the office though.

So perhaps I can wear heels once in awhile - it did feel nice to be taller! However, I think I'll stick to flats for most of the time! You see, I walk naturally fast and I got impatient with myself today because I was walking a lot slower today!

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Earl's Kitchen and Bar

Warm and cozy

On the first night, we wandered around from our hotel, looking for food. It was rather chilly and after walking up and down the street to check out the restaurant availability, we decided on Earls since it looked rather warm and welcoming.

This restaurant started way back in 1954. Funnily enough, since then, each owner had 'Earl' in the name. The restaurant has gone through a couple of evolutions to stay ahead with times, but one thing that hasn't changed is the food.

I was told by my Canadian friend that the food in Vancouver is great. Be it Japanese, Chinese, Italian or so, it usually wouldn't disappoint. There were so many recommendations for the trip which we couldn't follow. Unfortunately or fortunately, sometimes it is nice to just walk around and discover little things on your own.

It was a nice kick-off to the Vancouver adventures and it couldn't have started better.

Earls Vancouver downtown Yaletown
1095 Mainland Street
+1 (604) 688 4990

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