April 5th, 2010


A part of Seattle

They say that Seattle is usually all rain and grey

But it was really quite fine and lovely

It was nice hanging out around here but utterly chilly

I wished we had more time in Seattle. However, all we managed was to drop by briefly for brunch - meeting up a few others, and a quick look-see at the H&M shop :) And we managed to see at least 20 over dogs of all breeds, at Farmers' Market. There were labs, goldies, cockapoo (cocker spaniel and poodle mix), pugs.. all kinds. They were so adorable!

Seattle Seattle, perhaps I will come back soon :)

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Roppongi Hills


Bastille down at Seattle

It was a rather long drive from Portland all the way to Vancouver. 6 hours in total. We decided to take a pit-stop over at Seattle to have brunch with the other 3 lovelies. H threw out an excellent recommendation at Basille!

Parking is a bit of a hassle but it is worth a stop by. The restaurant has a nostalgic feel towards it - just like the sepia photos that I took! Service is wonderful and the girl serving our table was friendly and pretty! We had a lovely time tucking into our brunch. Mine was smoked salmon benedict with hollandaise sauce and sauteed potatoes. The serving size was just right and not overwhelming.

We then continued on with our journey. The three continued on their way back to Portland whilst the six of us popped by H&M for some shopping before continuing on our road trip down to Vancouver.

Bastille Cafe & Bar
5307 Ballard Ave NW
(within Farmers' Market)
WA 98117

+1 (206) 453 5014

Sunday Brunch - 10am-3pm
Cafe Hours - 4:30pm-2am
Late night dining - until 1am

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