March 31st, 2010

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It is better with a companion

Recently, I read an article asking readers if they ran better with or without company. Funnily enough, furry animals aka man's best friend is considered a great companion. Those that ran with their dogs landed up fitter than those that didn't.

As for myself, I don't run with the Fur Rug. I would probably give her a heart attack or would have to give into her whining and carry her home.I have several running buddies.

B.T is my main companion and we may not physically run side by side each other, but we run together and high-five each other when our paths cross and end the run together. TS lives far away and is my other training/running buddy. Whenever we meet, we fit in a run. Otherwise, we trade running updates and share insight. Here in Singapore, I have a few - E, C and my colleagues. The guys at work at great to run with because they wait for you, motivate you and push you to run faster than you think you can!

So do I think that it is better running with a companion?

Yes. It's easier and less daunting training with someone. There are days where I do prefer to run solo because it is also my personal time alone where I free up my mind or ponder over things and basically just let myself go free. But when I need motivation to run faster, harder and regularly, I depend on my companions.

There are days where B.T is lazy and doesn't want to run. Vice versa. I managed to complete my first marathon mainly because we supported each other whilst training. But his pace is way faster than mine and we can't exactly run together, chit-chat etc.

This evening, I met up with C again. I like how fuss-free our running meet-ups are. The great benefit I get from running with her is that she is a lot faster than I am. Hence, I am pushed to ramp up my speed, push myself harder and eventually, become a better and faster runner. During the runs, we chat which can be tiring, but it is highly recommended because training should be mostly at conversational pace.

C told me that the plan was to do hill repeats. Still aching from my Insanity fit test that I did two days ago, I was half hearted to do hill repeats. But I decided not to be a weakling and accepted the challenge. So we landed up doing 4-5 hill repeats which left my heart racing and I was panting like that unfit Fur Rug on her leisurely walks.

I must have misheard C earlier when she was briefly explaining what the running plan was because I nodded so enthusiastically thinking it was 4-5 hill repeats and we would jog back. I was so wrong. After we were done with the hill repeats, I thought it was the end when she showed me this shorter gradient and all I heard was intervals with 45 seconds breaks in between -_-

But then, you can't just bail out right? So I did it. Five rounds and damn that felt really good. A dash up the slope, a slow jog down then repeat five times. On my way home, I was panting so heavily (like the unfit Fur Rug) that I had to walk for a bit before slow jogging home.

I am thankful that I have running buddies because every now and then, everyone needs that little push and motivation, to keep on running :)

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