March 30th, 2010

OSIM mini run finishing

Discovering life through sports - Jaymie Pizarro

The dynamic Jaymie

Jaymie Pizarro, 33, wears many hats daily. She is a mom to two young kids, a professional blogger, part-time instructor and graphic designer and editor of her own published running magazine. Jaymie was born in The Philippines and currently resides in Manila, Philippines with her family.

I first met Jaymie during the Nike Hood to Coast Relay in Oregon last year. She struck me as a bubbly, friendly chick with a huge passion for running. During one of our training runs, I started chit-chatting with her and found her incredibly inspiring. She speaks about running with genuine passion and is ever eager to share runnings tips. We shared a common concern - ITB issues and went into some detailed discussions around that! As an avid runner myself, I am always excited and happy to meet with like-minded running enthusiasts. Meeting Jaymie was indeed delightful and sometimes whenever I need a little motivation boost, I hop onto her site.

The other thing about Jaymie that struck me deeply, was the fact that she is a mom to two young kids. I have met many who share that they simply cannot find time to excercise, run or join a fitness class because they have family and work commitments. Jaymie proves that it can be done. It is quite possible if you set your mind and heart to it. Hence, this entry is specially dedicated to all the wonderful mommies out there! You can enjoy personal time outside family and work commitments if only you gave yourself some deserving personal time out of your hectic schedule.

I can't quite explain fully how much sports can benefit you but like I have mentioned before, from a personal viewpoint, it has done heaps for me. Whether you choose to take up running or aerobics or rock climbing etc, taking some time out of your schedule to engage in some form of excercise will provide you with renewed energy and benefits. I hope that Jaymie's sharing will provide that little nudge into doing something for yourself :)

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I am a sucker for good service.

These days, there are so many choices out there in the retail arena. With the power of the Internet, you don't really need to physically visit a store - most of the times. As I get older, I find myself wanting and appreciating good service a lot more. Honestly, I don't mind paying more for better service.

I often lament about the lack of service here in Singapore. There are some exceptions but most of the time, I find myself thanking the cashier or shop assistant instead of the other way around. I thank the shop that I made a purchase at their store. What I get back in return it's usually either a sullen look or forced smile and hurried thanks.

If stores could differentiate themselves by providing great service, I am sure that it will boost sales. Customers will tend to keep the shop in mind when making future purchasing decisions if the previous service provided was good. And vice versa.

Over the last two years, I have travelled to the States on an average of 4-5 times a year. The cities that I visit include both metropolitan and smaller cities. On each trip, I shop a fair bit as I rarely shop in Singapore due to a lack of time and the fact that I mostly land up being frustrated with the service that is provided. One thing consistent about service provided in the States, is that it is mostly good especially in restaurants. I guess it does make a difference that the service charge and tips do go to the serving staff instead of to the restaurant itself which is a common occurrence here. Maybe it is the culture, maybe customers are more appreciative in the States. In fairness, customers here can be demanding and impolite to retail staff too. On my trips to Europe, much to my dismay, I received poor service hence it really might be a cultural thing.

Below are some examples of how retail staff in the U.S went over and above to make my shopping experience a lot more memorable and pleasant. I will also include two examples from Singapore - rare but much appreciated when I received them hence it's worth mentioning.

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