March 11th, 2010

Pushing Celestia at BT

Discovering life through sports - Rob Lilwall

Cycling in Siberia

Rob Lilwall, 33, is an author, adventurer and speaker. He was born in London, United Kingdom and is currently based in London. He recently launched his first book, Cycling home from Siberia and was featured on National Geographic for his epic cycling adventures.

Coincidentally, I have just finished reading Rob's book and was left inspired by his sheer determination, tenacity and courageous efforts to embark and complete his 3.5 year, 30,000 mile journey back to England. Perhaps, you might think Rob is not like any of us. Okay. He did a pretty extreme cycling adventure but prior to it, he led an ordinary life, doing very ordinary things. The biggest lesson that I learnt from his experience, is that if you really put your mind to achieve something, you can do it. Many don't like sports because it's physical torture. You sweat, you hurt, you ache and you go through a lot of mental endurance. But at the end of it all, you feel refreshed, energized and good all over.

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Raising the bar

After doing yoga for a year, I decided to test my limits and try out the Vinyasa 2 (Power 2) class. It's actually my second time doing it - the first time, it was unintentional! The strangest thing about this class was that I didn't sweat a bit but my muscles are all sore now!

There were less than 10 in the class. A good mix of men and women. All of them were regulars - I could tell from the way they engaged in the various poses. I was the 'newbie', right in the front, unable to do half of the postures! Vinyasa 1 makes me sweat a lot and my heart rate goes up a fair bit. I am able to complete 90% of the poses. For Vinyasa 2, I couldn't do half of it. There was a lot of head stands (unaided) and balancing poses and bindings.

How the rest could balance on their palms with their legs in criss-cross scisssors, I have no idea. Or 'float' their legs up such that it is parallel above the ground and they go into a half head stand -_- We had 100 core workout and I heard the rest groaning. I was able to complete them easily because my core is relatively strong. However, when we had to 'engage our core' and float the legs up whilst balancing on our heads, I just couldn't will my legs to move up!

The girl beside me was really helpful and friendly. She was super lean and thin but had great control and strength. She tried to give me advice but I just flopped. I left the class feeling slightly disappointed with myself but with the mindset to return and do better.

I think I'll stick to the level 1 classes for now and work on completing 100% of the poses before progressing to level 2. Now I just wished that I didn't have sweaty palms and feet because it does make yoga, slightly more tricky!

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Another reason

Another reason to love the NYC marathon.

This just arrived in the post. A wonderful finisher's certficate and the NYRR magazine with everyone's name published inside!

After 4 months, I'm still riding on a high from the NYC marathon experience. It's truly unbeatable and like no race other!

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