March 10th, 2010

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Discovering life through sports - Introduction

A few months ago, a random idea came into my mind. I have no idea how it popped in, but I was really excited about it. I wanted to establish why I wanted to do it so I decided to give it further thought. And I did so for a few more weeks.

This modest blog space of mine has been around since late 2004. I started running seriously shortly after and if you have been following my blog since then, you would have followed my progress as I started training for my first 10km run (Real Run Race where I also collapsed from heat exhaustion). Eventually, I progressed to completing my first half-marathon followed by the full 26.2 miles some 4 years later. In between, I dabbled a little in triathlons and learnt how to swim and bike. As I started writing and sharing about my experiences about running, swimming and cycling, I started receiving emails and comments from readers whom I have never met. Some were short notes telling me to keep it up, others told me how I had inspired them to start running or doing some sport of sorts.

Whilst watching a triathlon race, I remembered standing by the sidelines cheering on my friends at the last run leg. Then all of a sudden, I heard a friendly hullo and saw a stranger waving at me. He was in the race but he stepped out to stop and chat with me. He asked if I was 'am klutz' and I nodded. Then, I wasn't quite used to having people come up to me to say hi and I felt shy. But he was really nice and we started chatting briefly. He told me that his wife was a regular reader of my blog and she would follow my training regimes. I was both surprised and worried upon hearing it. I was worried that I would give the wrong advice to someone who might try it out and get injured or so and decided to be more careful about what I blog in future. I became friends with the guy and his wife. His wife went on to complete even greater distances than I did. A half Ironman and I believed a full marathon as well. I am not sure if she still follows and reads my blog, but I am glad that I might have possibly encouraged or motivated her to start on triathlons and running and achieving whatever she has.

Till this day, whenever I get emails or comments, I feel encouraged that I am passing on positive vibes and inspiration to people around me. It does motivate me to continue engaging in sports and sharing about my experiences. Just as sports have made a positive impact on my life, I hope that it will do so for others.

This is the main reason why I decided to start off this little project of mine.

"Discovering life through sports" is born out of a desire to share stories of real-life ordinary people having regular jobs, a social life, family and friends with sports playing an important part of their lives. They are not extraordinary professional athletes. They don't have professional training. They are ordinary people just like you and I. I have always embraced sports with the notion and belief that sports makes one a better person. I have learnt perseverance, dedication, commitment, courage and more just by running. I was never a sporty girl. I only started engaging in sports actively when I was in university. I did hiphop and street jazz dancing, wakeboarding and in-line skating. Then I found running. This blog is about me but I don't want it to always be about me. Hence, I have a group of individuals who will be sharing their stories over the next few months and spreading the love of sports. I hope that you will be able to relate to at least one of them and be motivated to pick up a sport, to keep to it and make sports a part of your life. It is not that difficult and it is fun and I believe that it will enrich your life the same way it has enriched mine.

The first individual is someone who went on an extreme project. He was hardly considered an athlete prior to it but he had one goal in mind. He persevered and accomplished it. Stay tuned for the full story.

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It's better with you

Circa 2007


Whilst doing my monthly back-up of data and photos, I found this photo of us taken at some club and compared it to the first photo that we took together! One thing that has definitely changed - we both look skinnier! I guess it's funny how we have been motivating each other constantly and getting fitter and better. Like his best friend once told him, I don't think you'll be doing this amount of excercise if not for her.

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