March 8th, 2010


The dark side of Dubai

Over the weekend, we spent some time discussing about an article that we had just read. The dark side of Dubai - posted by Independent in UK.

It is a really long read, but worth the time.

I have read one or two books on Dubai before. The impression that is left is an opulent country where opportunities are plenty. Life is good. And friends who have visited, rave about it as a fantastic place where everything is almost magical. But I never had the desire to visit Dubai. It's a personal choice of mine. Perhaps it's unfair to make this statement, coming from someone who has never visited the country. But I feel that it is all a facade. That what you see is not truly what it is. This article further affirms what I have understood about Dubai and even more sad discoveries.

After we both read the article, B.T went Wow! I never knew. I quietly replied, And now you know why I never really wanted to visit.

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