March 3rd, 2010


Men's best friend

I follow The Pioneer Woman's blog regularly because she has great recipes, cool photography and she touches on all kinds of topics. Recently, she held a contest for readers asking them to submit photos of their canines. The photos were really heartwarming and I know a fair number of my readers have and love dogs so enjoy here and here.

When can I ever take such lovely photos?

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Kinkakuji Temple

To imagine, with or without?

A wise person once told me - instead of focusing only on what you can live with, how about living without?

So on the days where things are blue, or when I find myself trying to weigh the ups versus the downs, I imagine instead what life would be, without him in my life. And I think some time back, he once told me - he thought of how his life would be - without me. And he decided that it was definitely brighter with me in it. Or something to that context :)

It's not really what you can live with, but what you can't live without.

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