February 28th, 2010


Right now

This is how the two of us feel right now. One, badly hung over - him. The other, a sore nose from yesterday's sneezing fit - me.

His hungover was a result of drinking sake, red wine, whisky and umeshu with my Dad followed by red bull vodka with his friends. Sigh. As for me, I was in bed with a dripping nose, drugged with NyQuil and the sorry urge to spew out my dinner.

So yea. This is how we both look right now and guess where are we? Yup. At home.

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hungry after ride


Delicious but not for me

The only time we head out to have seafood is when we have guests in town. We usually land up at either Jumbo or No Sign Board. I prefer the latter but Jumbo is a lot more convenient. Plus, the tiny 'man tous' are the best.

My favorite must-orders? Cereal prawns, deep fried stuffed dough fritters and those mini fried buns.

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