February 27th, 2010


Date night

Can't recall when was the last time that we took a photo


Half gone. Pretty good - loads of chicken chunks, pine nuts and the pesto sauce was delish


Catching the last train back

Dinner and a movie. I think the pictures say it all. Oh. We did a run as well :) It was perfect. Thanks B.T for the fabulous date night!

On a side note, we do like The Society Cafe. Good service, good value for the food which was tasty.

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Mommy's love

Fish in red onion, garlic and mango sauce - 1/3 left

I had a really yummy dinner the other day that was cooked by my mom. I said thank you. It was so yummy. It had loads of red onions, mango cubes and garlic. Nom nom nom.

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