February 26th, 2010

One Bowerman

The expected but still fantastic win.

I was so excited that Kim Yu Na won the 2010 Winter Olympics. Reports stated that it was the best performance ever seen. She beat her own record, set a world score and silver medalist, her long time rival Asada was far off at 18 points away.

I immediately tried to VPN into my WHQ network but I can't because I'm in the office. Gah. I'm that close to bringing my laptop home so that I can watch it but I'll be out for dinner and drinks tonight so nah. I guess the video will be on YouTube in a few days time.

This 19 year old is spectacular and amazingly talented. I am so jealous of the Nike Korea team because they've probably met her since she fronts most of the Nike Korea campaigns. Did you know that she has a very proportionate body that is deemed perfect? Her legs and arms are unusually long but not disproportionate to her body. At 1.64m, she looks taller than expected. Due to her long limbs, she executes more grace and fluidity in her figure skating movements. She has the perfect supermodel body proportions and she is beautiful on top of that.

All thanks to the her sister's coach who talent spotted her when she was a young kid, persuading her parents to allow her to pursue figure skating, predicting that she will be a world-class champion, the world can now enjoy her beautiful performances.

You know what? I would really love to watch the Winter Olympics some time..

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