February 24th, 2010


The goal

Today, I was telling a co-worker, that my lofty goal was to eventually achieve a sub 4 marathon. But first, I'll need to aim for a PB against my timing and then a 4:15. If you know how it works, shaving even seconds off a race is not easy. But like I said before, it's good to always have goals :)

He said that if I do complete a 4:15 marathon, he will need to do another marathon to better his timing because he can't lose out to me. Bwahahhahaah!

So the run today was easy and nice. I realized that I'm awful and lazy when it comes to stretching. I roll for less than a minute and if the ITB doesn't hurt, I'm good and done! I can't really complain about tight hamstrings if I don't stretch dilligently right?

I think I need to find a way to force myself to roll and stretch for 15 minutes daily. And to get more rest which means SLEEP now. Shouldn't be blogging. Bye bye.

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Project 'X'

I am very excited about a project that I am doing on my blog. Till date, I have 6 people that are confirmed participating in this project and I am touched by the support. I won't reveal details as yet, except that this blog is not just about me all the time :)

Watch this space for more details, soon!

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Yard Sale - Part 1

Before the renovations start, we need to clear off our items that we no longer need/use or will not match the new interior. I am donating most of our personal stuff away for example clothes and stuff but for some items that are too new/good to donate, will be better off sold at an average of 40-50% off standard retail prices. Below are items belonging to B.T. We will also have some 1 year old furniture that we will post at a later date.

Please click below to view the items, details and photos. If you are interested in an item, please email me at -


Feel free to help me spread the word! Thanks!

UPDATE - Guitar Hero World Tour and Crumpler Medium brown/blue Skivvy has been SOLD! Thanks!

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