February 22nd, 2010


Big D's Grill

My favorite for the night - Anchovy Pasta

The MAMETA meet-up was way overdue! The next will hopefully be sooner but heh, it was nice to see everyone. No human pictures this time around except for little E, but I'll post them on FB instead. Meanwhile, I'll just grab the human shots from M's blog when it's up.

I had no idea how Big D's Grill came up into the conversation but the next thing that we knew, the venue, date and time was set up! I've not heard of Big D's Grill except that it is like a western coffee shop stall like Botak Jones. M did his due research and emailed to us a blogsite that had mouth-watering pictures of the food.

The brief conclusion is that Big D's Grill serves tasty Western and fusion Eastern food but don't expect coffeeshop prices as the anchovy pasta for example is S$17. 7 dishes (shown below) cost S$100 in total which averaged S$16.50 per person. Waiting time is about 30 minutes.

I would re-visit Big D's again but not regularly because prices are just slightly cheaper to say Tampopo for example which is a restaurant. We typically spend about S$25 at Tampopo. Given the environment, I would rate Big D's Grill slightly expensive because you are literally sitting in a coffeeshop. It is worth a try out though because there is a nice twist and fusion mix to the dishes offered.

MAMETA! We forgot to order DESSERT!!!!! The famous bonet aka chocolate pudding mousse thingy! *wails!

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Renovation updates

Like I said earlier, it's moving slower than we would like it to be but I guess Chinese New Year did get into the way.

Reality hit us earlier today when firstly, we received the latest 3D images of the rendition of the living/bedroom space and I am liking the color scheme! We won't be revealing details until it's all over but it's going to be exciting for us at least! Secondly, we sold off one of our chest of drawers to a friend so we had to pack our stuff out of the drawers into luggages and duffel bags since he was taking the dresser this weekend!

Currently, the TV has blown, washing machine is on the verge of breathing its last breath and we are short of one dresser. There's a chance that we will be living out of suitcases, literally, and sitting on the floor for the next few months if we manage to sell of the other items!

We haven't taken pictures yet and B.T is likely going to advertise them on a marketplace, but if anyone is interested in an Ikea MALM in chestnut brown (dark brown) - it's a chest of drawers (4 drawers, color at website is different from actual. Ours is more of a dark brown versus a black brown) and a light pine colored Jonas L-shaped desk, email me. All items are about 1 year old and will be sold off for 50% off the current retail price.

If anyone is interested in buying second hand furniture, please drop me an email - am_klutz[at]livejournal[dot]com Also, my sincere thanks to you if you have previously helped spread the word on Yard Sale 1. We have sold off the Guitar Hero World Tour set and one of the Crumpler Skivvy. Please spread the word to anyone else who might be keen to buy the other Skivvy and Thai cushions as we would hate to discard any items or leave them un-used.

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