February 21st, 2010


The verdict on ramen

White pork bone soup base

Dinner at Sapporo Ramen Miharu was satisfying. I have posted about this before but heck, here's the information once again. After the meal though, I did come to a conclusion about ramen.

1) I don't think I'll be able to find a ramen place here in Singapore that is comparable to the ones in Japan. I still crave for the ramen that we had in a random shop in a small street near our hotel. It was almost a hole in the wall kind of shop but the ramen served there was so damn good.

2) Ramen is a personal preference. The stock alone has 3 main types - shio, miso and shoyu. Some prefer the noodles springy and thin, others prefer it slightly hard - almost al dente like and thicker. Soup wise, there is pork or chicken based. I personally prefer the noodles to be the Hokkaido type which is white and hard, slightly thicker, almost resembling pasta and has a chewy texture. I always opt for white pork bone soup base hence Marutama ramen is not my favorite because it is a clear chicken soup base and the noodles remind me of 'wanton noodles' type. This are also the reasons why I am inclining to personally vote Tampopo my favorite ramen. Plus, it has a great hard boiled egg with a almost soft yolk.

3) Ramen should be simple without fancy ingredients so that you can truly taste the soup and the noodle quality. When I am looking for a quick fix, seriously, Ajisen butter corn ramen will do fine. If I am really craving for good ramen, I head over to Tampopo or Miharu.

4) Some ramen noodles are oilier. Likewise for the soup base. This is the reason why I don't fancy the ramen at Santouka @ Central. Miharu soup base is quite oily too which is a downside hence Tampopo rates higher for me. But then like I said, it is really a personal preference.

5) Ramen soup base shouldn't be too salty and you shouldn't feel sick of eating a bowl of it. I never feel sick after eating the ramen at my favorite places. When Ippudo opened in Singapore, I was over the moon. However, I was really disappointed after tryingt it out because it didn't match up to the one that I fell in love with, in New York City. The soup base at Ippudo Singapore is salty and the ramen noodles has a slightly different bite. Hopefully, it will improve over time but I won't queue for it!

So I guess that everyone prefers different ramen places mainly because of what they personally prefer as a ramen noodle type or soup base.

Sapporo Ramen Miharu
1 Nanson Road GF Gallery Hotel

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OSIM mini run finishing

The week I had a break

The office closed for a week over Chinese New Year and I think I went slightly crazy working out.

I clocked in about 27km of running, 3 sessions of yoga which included an hour of core ab workout, I am pretty much knackered and ready to keel over. I guess, it's been awhile since I last worked out this hard since the marathon training ended for me last late October.

I think I really need a race to focus on and train for... Mmmmmm...

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drink wine

eM Bar

Choya martini

I recall posting about eM @ Gallery Hotel some time back. We went back to eM bar this week but during the night and it was quite different.

The place was rather empty, which I didn't mind. What we did discover was a great range of cocktails and drinks. I highly recommend the choya martini which is lovely at S$13. Also, the Melody of Harvest is a great refreshing cocktail drink. It consists of cucumber syrup, vodka, peach snapps and one other ingredient. I think it also had some hints of melon!

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eating flowers


Swiss rosti with chicken cheese sausage

I have been posting non-stop about food :P Oops. But I have been eating a fair bit and it's always nice to share.

Marche opened at 313@Sommerset and whenever I go there, there is only one thing that I order. Swiss Rosti. It is not the cheapest considering that it costs S$12.90 for a plate of fried potato strips and a sausage but heck, it tastes good.

The queue is always long but they have an efficient cooking system. Just one chef who has like 12 frying pans of rosti frying at the same time and she goes down the line to flip flip flip the perfectly browned rosti. I think I shall try it out at home some day. Just get some good Russet potatoes, strip them and fry them. Serve with sour cream and chopped chives and you are good to go. The only problem is that I'm not sure if I am good at 'flipping' the potato-flat-cake.

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