February 18th, 2010

Fur rug under couch


Sitting on her bean bag

My pooch is definitely pampered and enjoying life 24/7. She spends her day lazing around, napping, eating, going for walks and car rides. Of course, there isn't anything else that she can do really but compared to other working dogs that need to tend to sheep, look after people or pull sleds, this one is definitely enjoying a cushy life.

We were at her beck and call for a day. She almost drove us up the wall as she woke us up at 645am to let her out for her breakfast, than she returned to nap and woke us up again because she wanted to go downstairs to play -_- I think I must have owed her something in my previous life.

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The Lunar New Year

Lo Hei

My family does not celebrate Chinese New Year the way most people do. Christmas and the English New Year is probably celebrated more. It's ironic but perhaps with the absence of my grandparents and a very small family on both sides, there is no visiting done and most of the time, my parents go travelling.

We had a reunion dinner of sorts earlier this week at my aunt's house. She did cook up some traditional Cantonese dishes and we had 'lo hei'. Overall, it was rather nice to hang out with my family :)

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