February 16th, 2010


Winter sports

We were watching highlights of the Vancouver Winter Olympics via NBC and it was so much fun. I think I do prefer the winter olympics over the standard Olympics. Perhaps it is the venue - Vancouver which looks absolutely gorgeous and I am excited at the prospect of visiting there soon, or that everywhere is covered with snow and the winter sports look way cooler and challenging.

We saw the video of the poor Georgian Luge participant that was killed in the freak accident. It was really sad and I half regretted looking at the very graphical photos of him at the time of the accident. I can't quite get that bloody image out of my mind now -_- So that was the somber note of the event..

I don't know which is my ultimate favorite event. I definitely love the ice skating portion. Ice skaters are amazing. They are graceful dancers, flexible like gymnasts and are true athletes in every way. Then there are the speed skaters. I am envious of their speed and grace. Their thighs are scarily huge though! The various skiing events are way cool too.

I always thought that it would have been cool to grow up playing snow sports. B.T vouches that it's great. He grew up skiing and doing all the fun winter sports and misses those now that he is here living in the tropics. But I guess there are always trade-offs. Like it won't be as fun running in the winter cold as it is running in somewhere warmer!

Speaking of running, there are discussions on the next possible marathon. Let's hope it will be decided or sorted out in the next two weeks. If that goes through, that means training to start all over again but somehow, I feel kinda excited :P

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Fur rug under couch

Bring your own bag

I get annoyed with irresponsible pet owners who let their pooches poop all over the place and don't clean up after them.

This is a clever and practical idea for all dog owners. Whenever the Rug goes for a walk, we bring this along. It dispenses teeny black plastic bags for easy pick-up of the pebble poop that plonks out of her a*s.

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