February 12th, 2010


I could eat them over and over again

B.T's homemade oxtail stew. It's darn good but he forbids me to share the recipe! -_-

Create your own salad from Raise the salad bar - S$8

Sliced fish mee sua

I might blog enthusiastically about food most of the time but my confession is that I am actually not a very adventurous 'foodie'. In fact, I won't call myself a foodie. I don't eat lamb, I will never try snake or some other exotic meat and well, I am allergic to red chilli afterall. When I find something that I like to eat, I stay loyal :)

These were some of my meals, for this week!

That salad bowl above? Pure madness! It was chokeful of greens, sunflower seeds, a bit too much feta, regular cheese, boiled eggs, carrots, two types of tommy toes, sweet corn, potatoes, tofu... in a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

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One Bowerman

What do you do?

All in a day

I often get asked, what exactly do I do for work?

Somehow, I can't explain it in just one sentence. It's not - I'm in sales. I handle PR. I create mobile applications. I'm an accountant.

Mine is - I'm in the footwear team. I handle shoes? Big shoes and little shoes.

OMG. Your job is so fun!

It is. It really is. I go to work each day, mostly with a smile. Of course, there are days where I am grouchy but I honestly do love what I do at work. But it is not always as glamarous as it sounds. So this is an example of what I do in a typical week -

... Staring at spreadsheets. It's typical to have 4 opened simultaneously at a time.
... System maintenance.
... Forecast and pricing for 7 countries.
... Arguing on targets.
... Working with the sales and sales planning teams.
... Lunch time/evening run.
... Meetings.
... Conference calls.
...Working on powerpoints.
... Surfing websites for updates.
... Dragging boxes of heavy footwear samples around the office.
... Sorting and packing samples.
... Finding samples for marketing.
... Giving feedback for marketing material.
... Testing shoes.
... Selling samples.
... Retail visits.
... Staring at images. What should I adopt?
... Listening to product feedback.
... Writing reports.
.. Analyzing and reading reports.
... Preparing powerpoints for presentations.
... Presentations.
... Emails.

And you have to give me at least 5 minutes to explain to you on what I do.

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What a cheeky smile!

I figured that if I ever need to borrow a kid for a day, there are so many in the office, I've lost count.

You have Maya, Jacob, Darcy, Jordan, Jarrid, Nicolette, Ingla, Charlie, Rocco, Kyra, Kaylene, Jade, Jagger, of all ages and I'll see them running around in the office or at company events. And they all have one thing in common - they are so darn cute.

There is one that shares the same name as me so I'll always remember her. But she has blond hair and she speaks French and English and is really mischievous but adorable. The last time I saw her, she was proudly showing me her toys in her house.

The one above? He's 3.5 yo Jarrid. He has the cutest cheeky smile, he's sociable and says 'Hi' to everyone and is generous with kisses. He can spell out N-I-K-E and shout out NIKEEEEE. He has a little mohawk.

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Pre-Renovation woes

The renovation planning is taking longer than expected. Hopefully things will take off really soon and there are no more delays :\ Meanwhile, the electrical appliances in The Studio are breaking down one by one.

The TV went dead the other day. Next up was the washing machine. It is still functioning but it is making funny noises. Also, you need to manually start the spin drying process. That means, I have to open the machine door whilst it is still on, and stick my arm in to manually spin the drum (yes you read it right) until it automatically spins on its own. Then I need to quickly shut the door while trying to shove the falling clothes back in.

There were many failed attempts and at the end of it all, I was left standing in a pool of water and a very tired arm.

So, I am hoping that the renovations will start real soon and be completed in no time.

Things to buy -

... 40" LED TV
... Washing machine
... Refridgerator

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