February 7th, 2010



If I took a photo of my lunch at work daily, it'll likely be numerous shots of noodles. Sliced fish bee hoon soup, sliced fish mee sua, wanton noodles, 'you mian', mee pok noodles, yong tau foo with kway teow..

I don't fancy rice. Especially when the ones served outside are hard and dry.

Nom nom nom.

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Weekend highlights

Who can say no to these?

Frozen fruits - just as good as fresh fruits but it keeps longer

It actually has been a rather packed weekend. I had three meet-ups which were all nice but you know, sometimes, you just need time to do nothing. Hence, vegging away the entire day can truly be the best medicine to recover for the next week ahead.

Fantastic homemade pancakes - it gets better and better each time. Pancakes are such simple fare but they make me very happy indeed :) Paired together with loads of naps, Chuck and lounging around, I'd say this weekend was great for me.

I don't know about you girls, but I have a regular 'beauty night'. I use a body scrub, slather on some hair mask, exfoliate my feet, and lay on a cold facial mask. It is total bliss and you will feel great after it all.

And that was it.

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