February 2nd, 2010

OSIM mini run finishing

A darn good run

Yesterday evening, we did a short but great run. He had some steam to let off and I just wanted to R.U.N.

I felt great the moment I started. I was running at a good speed and I knew I was running faster than usual when I saw him earlier than expected :P. We both run in reverse directions so that we will bump into each other during the runs. And the speed lasted until he said that it was time to head back. So fast? Well, you said a short run right? It was 35 minutes.

He told me that I was 'hauling ass'. Heh. He seldom says that to me. He thinks I run slowly and has to always nudge me to keep up. It doesn't help that his one stride is equivalent to three rapid strides from me. I am like a hamster running on a threadmill beside him. So I was mighty happy to hear that I was 'hauling ass'.

I say, it was the new pair of shoes :)

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