February 1st, 2010


Homemade peanut butter anyone?

This will make a nifty kitchen gadget for peanut butter lovers!

Photo courtesy of Firebox

Whilst flipping through a fashion/lifestyle mag - one of my favorite parts of my job :P, I chanced upon this peanut butter maker which I thought was oh-so-cute. I love peanut butter, chunky or smooth and it is my favorite pre-run breakfast/snack.

Other cool stuff includes the iPhone power pack, digital photo keychain and the instant photo printer.

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Are you growing fur?

I have an obsession with shampoos and moisturizers. Unfortunately, those that I love are usually not available in Singapore. Hence, whenever I travel to the States, I'll buy a stock of it. Last year, I travelled much more than expected and I didn't keep track of my stocks at hand. So I have like 5-6 huge bottles of Garnier shampoo stashed away in my wardrobe.

My Dad popped into my room whilst I was packing my wardrobe and caught sight of the stash,

D: Wow! What on earth is that?
A: Uh. Shampoo!
D: Why do you have so many bottles of it?? Are you growing fur or something?
A: -_-

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The Met, lift

We are just different

Till date, I have not met a guy that can multi-task efficiently.

You see, a woman is able to have multiple windows on her laptop open, in addition to the instant messenger window and a couple of spreadsheets. She can do online shopping whilst yakking on the phone and listen to music and probably chat with someone online as well. I fall into this category. At work, I am quite a master at multi-tasking. Known to be highly efficient at work, I typically have a few tasks at hand being worked on simultaneously.

But men?


I am in a relationship with a typical alpha-male who acts and thinks like a 100% men. He cannot express his emotions freely - asking him to tell him how he feels about me or give me a compliment, is like gold falling out of his mouth, he has an excellent sense of direction, he is good at DIY projects, an IT and gaming geek and *drum rolls, he CANNOT multi-task.

If he is typing out an email whilst I yabber by his side, you will see his typing slow down considerably, his brows furrow and finally, he will let out a sigh and say, Give me a minute. And when I speak to him on the phone thousands of miles away, I know at an instant whether he is distracted by emails or doing something else because he won't be able to hold a conversation. It will be mono-syllabus responses like, Uh huh, ya, okay, ahh. It's very annoying.

And if I distract him when he is in the midst of doing something, you'll see him getting nervous, he starts biting his nails and gets totally perplexed. Oh. This is the same reaction from him when I am mad at him and we are quarrelling :P

I can never understand why men cannot multi-task. According to scientific explanation, it is just the way men are wired. Just the same way why he cannot comprehend why my sense of directions is so bad (by the way, I just gave a co-worker the wrong directions back to the office today -_- ). Men have to perform tasks individually. Their brains are compartmentalized. They need to focus on one thing at a time which is why when a guy is on the quest to get his promotion and focusing on his career, he neglects everything else. Of course there are the exceptions like the metro-guy (B.T is only metro in his love for jewellery and skin care regime!).

Awhile back, I read two books of Allan and Barabara Pease. It is a hilarious read that will enable men and women to understand the opposite sex. I was laughing my socks off while reading the books but it did give me valuable insight on the different ways that men and women act, think and respond.

The other day, I was on the phone with my good friend D - He lives in the States and we chat on a regular basis. Midway, I hear him muttering to himself (much to my amusement) and I went,

Oei. What are you doing?

Hang on. I am responding to an urgent email.

Ahh. Yes. You are a guy and you cannot multi-task.

So for the next few minutes, I hung onto the line, giggling away whilst he continued muttering to himself, trying to type out the response that was forming in his mind.

Ok. I am done. Where were we?


It is a far call to the way I communicate with my other good friend TS, who is also living in the States. Our emails are long and lengthy and full of Hi darling, hi hon, ooh let me tell you what I bought or did. But with D, it is communicating with a typical guy where on some days, it just goes (over Whatsapp),

A: Monkey
D: Donkey

D: Donkey
A: Monkey
A: What are you doing?
D: How are the house stuff coming along?

Radio silence.

D: Donkey. Eh how come you never reply?
A: -_-

Sounds familiar?

Oh. And guys have an awful habit of randomly logging off midway a conversation!

Sigh. So I guess, we are just really different.

By the way, B.T often teases me about my 'non-multi-tasking moments' which usually happens when I am blogging. I cannot write an entry and have his morbid game music blasting in the background. But my disclaimer is that I just can't concentrate or focus with that in the background. I'm contradicting myself but hey, I CAN multi-task for most occasions :P

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eating flowers

An alternative to ice cream

I love ice cream but sometimes I want something healthier and packed with anti-oxidants. This is what we do for a cool, healthy, filling treat - triple berry smoothie!

Using a food mixer, blend frozen bananas, frozen berries - strawberries, dark cherries and blackberries with soy milk and a spoonful of honey. Because frozen fruit is used, the smoothie is semi-frozen just like ice cream!

It contains loads of anti-oxidants, potassium etc and energy from the bananas, protein from the soy milk and other yummy health benefits from the honey. I'm sure the kids will approve of this treat too :)

Oh. We always have a supply of frozen bananas and berries in the freezer because they are great for smoothies and pancakes!


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