January 31st, 2010


A not so satisfying meal

You know how restaurant menus usually state a disclaimer that the actual product might look different from what is shown on the photograph?

I guess I understand why. Had I known that the Hakai Don that costs S$15 (including service charges and GST) looks like the above, I wouldn't have ordered it!

All I got was 4 pathetic slices squares of salmon sashimi and 3 skinny squids. I landed up eating 2/3 of the rice with the soy sauce since there was hardly anything to eat with.

So no more Hakai Don from this place - service is not bad and they are at least friendly and serve water so I won't name the place. I do wish that restaurants could be more honest with their representation on the menu though. This wasn't even that cheap to begin with. Sigh.

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My inspirations

Kara Goucher

TS once texted me to say that my idol was on the same flight as her and that she was gorgeous. I guess it is no secret that Kara is my all-time favorite athlete and idol. She's a year older than I am, loves running like I do but wins races and clocks in spectacular results. She's done a 30:50 for a 10K and a 2:25:53 for her debut marathon which made her the first American woman in 14 years to score a podium finish at the NYC marathon. And of course, coached by legendary Alberto Salazar.

I got inspired by Kara when I read her recent interview in Runners' World. She's totally amazing. It makes me want to lace up and run a marathon right away. I was so jealous of B.T when I found out that she attended the same college as B.T and was his senior. I hope that I can meet her in person some day, one day. And speak to her and then also ask her how she got those gorgeous abs :P

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So if you think yoga is easy?


Whenever I tell people that I do yoga, they tell me that it is boring. And I'll spend the next 10 minutes explaining to them on why it is not. For most of the classes that I go for, my heart rate is racing, I am dripping in sweat and I feel sore but toned the next day.

As we were clearing the house, I found a treasure. A Power Yoga book written by the New York Road Runners. It's excellent. It comes complete with full instructions and pictures. We never quite know how our poses look like so we decided to do some yoga and take photos to compare.

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